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Sean Becker
Partner — Labor & Employment
Employment-related challenges can present some of the most important, and sensitive, issues that our clients face. I help them manage those matters by leveraging my experience as a litigator, transactional lawyer and advisor. Together, my colleagues and I provide highly practical, commercial advice and resolve sensitive employment matters efficiently and effectively.
Vanessa Griffith
Partner — Labor & Employment
I find counseling the most rewarding side of my practice. My clients are looking for someone to bring not just perspective, but also independence, to their investigations. In this day and age, I don’t know that you can say you’ve seen it all, but there isn’t any kind of complaint or investigation into workplace conduct that I would not feel equipped to handle.
W. Carl Jordan
Partner — General Counsel
Thomas H. Wilson
Partner — Labor & Employment
Our clients’ workplaces have changed a lot over the decades, and I have stayed ahead of these changes in my knowledge of employment, labor and safety matters. As clients have gone international, I have gone with them. I look to the future of the workplace, so I am ready with thoughtful guidance when our clients arrive in that future.
Christie Alcalá
Counsel — Labor & Employment
Martin Luff
Counsel — Labor & Employment
Having spent many years working in both the UK and US, I have the experience to help multinational clients with their complex cross-border challenges as well as day-to-day HR issues. I aim for my clients to see me as a valuable part of their team, working alongside them to provide practical advice that gets to a solution as efficiently as possible.
Tara Porterfield
Counsel — Labor & Employment
Pamela Hays Stabler
Counsel — Executive Compensation & Benefits
Alex Bluebond
Senior Associate — Labor & Employment
V. Loraine Christ
Senior Associate — Labor & Employment
E. Phileda Tennant
Senior Associate — Labor & Employment
Andrew Cox
Associate — Labor & Employment