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Rebecca Baker
Partner — Labor & Employment
In today’s landscape, it is easy for employers to be overwhelmed by the ever-evolving aspects of employment law at the federal, state and even local level. Relying on my years of experience addressing unique labor and employment topics for employers in multi-state jurisdictions and across industry sectors, I enjoy helping clients navigate employment matters with a level of confidence that, not only are they acting in compliance with applicable law, but also in a practical and efficient manner from a business perspective.
Stephanie Noble
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Jessica C. Peet
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
Jose Sanchez
Partner — International Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Darin Schultz
Partner — Finance
I love helping a company secure the necessary financing to grow and innovate. That’s why I like working on the borrower and sponsor side; you have a personal connection to the companies that are actively involved in the space and are driving the market forward.
Dave Wicklund
Partner — Finance
I enjoy working with really smart and interesting clients, particularly private equity firms, and helping them solve their most difficult financing problems. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work closely with my clients and gain an insider’s view into their businesses and their industries.
Adriana Wirtz
Partner — Tax
Tax controversies require a unique blend of technical tax experience, business-mindedness, government insight, and strong advocacy skills. Clients turn to us for our ability to provide practical advice on how to resolve their most complicated tax problems.
Laura Swett
Counsel — Energy Regulation
Washington, D.C.
Tyler S. Vinal
Counsel — Real Estate
Greg Wells
Counsel — Antitrust
Washington, D.C.
John Dring
Senior Counsel — Energy Regulation
Washington, D.C.
With over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of positions within the energy industry, and proficiency in both creative problem-solving and strategic planning for litigation, I am excited to apply my knowledge and talents to the regulatory needs of our clients.