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  • 20
  • October
  • 2014

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Texas Alters SIP for Stationary GHG Sources Based on Supreme Court Decision

On October 1, 2014, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) submitted a revised state implementation plan (“SIP”) to the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) for approval. As explained in a previous post, TCEQ initially adopted rules that would allow it to authorize greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions under its Prevention of Significant Deterioration (“PSD”) permit program on March 26, 2014.

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  • 17
  • October
  • 2014

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States and Industry Groups ask Appellate Court to Reconsider Greenhouse Gas Permitting Decision

On September 22, Texas, Wyoming, and several industry groups (“Petitioners”)* asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to rehear and reverse its earlier ruling upholding EPA’s takeover of the states’ greenhouse gas (“GHG”) permit programs. The Petitioners argue that the previous ruling should be reconsidered in light of a subsequent Supreme Court decision on EPA’s GHG permitting powers.

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  • 15
  • October
  • 2014

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EPA May Forgo Creating Refinery-Specific GHG New Source Performance Standards

In December 2010 EPA entered into two settlement agreements to address greenhouse gas emissions (“GHGs”) from two sources: electric generating units (“EGUs”) and refineries. While EPA has proposed rules to regulate GHG emissions from both new and existing EGUs, it has yet to issue a proposed rule to similarly address emissions from refineries.

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  • 08
  • October
  • 2014

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GAO Report Shows More Coal-Fueled Power Plants Are Retiring Than Previously Projected

In August 2014 the United States Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) issued a report finding that “power companies now plan to retire a greater percentage of coal-fueled generating capacity and retrofit less capacity with environmental controls than the estimates GAO reported in July 2012.” In 2012 GAO estimated that coal-plant capacity would drop between 2 percent and 12 percent as the result of retiring plants.

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