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Climate Change Hero

Climate Change Blog

  • 12
  • November
  • 2014

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China’s National Plan for Climate Change (2014-2020)

On November 4, 2014, China’s National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) released the National Plan for Climate Change, 2014-2020 (the “2014-2020 Plan”). The 2014-2020 Plan outlines what China hopes to achieve by 2020, including goals relating to greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, climate change adaptability, and a national emissions trading scheme, among others.

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  • 22
  • April
  • 2014

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UK Releases Part Two of its Solar Strategy; Focus on Developing Rooftop Projects

The United Kingdom (“UK”) is aiming to have one million solar photovoltaic (“PV”) roof installations by the end of 2015. The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (“DECC”) recently released Solar PV Strategy (the “Plan”) is part of the UK’s larger effort to meet its legally binding EU target of deriving 15% of total energy consumption from renewables by 2020.

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