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  • 06
  • June
  • 2017


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President Trump Announces U.S. Exit From the Paris Agreement

President Trump announced on Thursday, June 1, 2017 that he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. This decision is hugely controversial. Indeed, even Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips, the world’s two largest oil producers, opposed withdrawal. Moreover, nearly every country in the world (including North Korea) has signed onto the Agreement. By withdrawing, the U.S. has become one of only three countries to abstain from participation, joining ranks with Nicaragua and Syria.

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  • 17
  • February
  • 2017


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Beyond Regulations: What Additional Changes to Climate Change Policy Could Happen Under the Trump Administration?

The few public statements from then-candidate Trump regarding climate policy indicated that he will seek to reverse much of his predecessor’s course on laws and policies pursued in the name of preventing climate change, including the Paris Agreement and the Clean Power Plan. The President has also stated that he wants to cut regulations by 75%, and released an Executive Order limiting the creation of new regulations. But even outside of the realm of formal regulations, there are a number of climate-related policies of the previous administration that could be impacted by President Trump’s policy preferences.

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House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Issues New Report Citing Problems with EPA’s Clean Power Plan

On December 16, 2014, the Energy and Commerce Committee majority staff released a report highlighting what it considers to be the shortcomings with EPA’s Clean Power Plan. These criticisms highlight the ongoing divide over what actions the administration should take to regulate greenhouse gases.

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  • 15
  • December
  • 2014

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The Lima Accord: Almost 200 Nations Reach Modest Climate Change Agreement at the United Nation Convention in Peru

As discussed in this previous post, the annual  United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (“UNFCCC”) summit kicked off on December 1, 2014, in Lima, Peru. After two weeks of negotiations, on Sunday, December 14, the parties reached a modest agreement (“the Lima Accord”) to address climate change in which all parties agreed for the first time to reduce their greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions.

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  • 15
  • October
  • 2014

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EPA May Forgo Creating Refinery-Specific GHG New Source Performance Standards

In December 2010 EPA entered into two settlement agreements to address greenhouse gas emissions (“GHGs”) from two sources: electric generating units (“EGUs”) and refineries. While EPA has proposed rules to regulate GHG emissions from both new and existing EGUs, it has yet to issue a proposed rule to similarly address emissions from refineries.

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