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Christopher Duffy
Partner — Shareholder Litigation & Enforcement
Michael A. Heidler
Partner — Appellate
Appellate work is like solving a puzzle. The puzzle pieces are typically contracts, testimony and other trial evidence, cases, statutes, regulations, and rules. The skilled appellate lawyer will arrange the pieces in a way that achieves the client’s objective.
George M. Kryder
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Thomas S. Leatherbury
Partner — Appellate
I love oral arguments. I love the courtroom. I love the constitutional issues I work on, especially in First Amendment cases. I have broad experience that benefits clients and allows me to help younger lawyers, in client work, in CLEs and in pro bono work.
Jeremy C. Marwell
Partner — Appellate
Harry M. Reasoner
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Marisa Secco
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
I'm an aggressive litigator who's not afraid to take a case to court. Whether a case ends up in trial or we pursue a settlement, my goal is always to reach a quick, favorable, and strategic resolution for my clients.
James D. Thompson III
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Marie Yeates
Partner — Appellate
I love the collaborative nature of what we do. A day when I can sit down with my colleagues and figure out how to argue the issues for a case is a great day. It's like unlocking a locked chest or a treasure. It’s golden.
Christopher V. Bacon
Counsel — Labor & Employment
I used to say that what I liked most about my job was trying cases. I still get a rush whenever I try a case to a jury, but when I really think about what I love most about being a labor and employment lawyer it's my long lasting friendships with talented human resources leaders who have trusted me to be a part of their team.
Jennifer S. Freel
Counsel — Government Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense
Joshua S. Johnson
Counsel — Appellate