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Alden L. Atkins
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
The key to successfully representing a client in a dispute is to thoroughly understand my client’s business. That way, I can understand my client’s goals and needs, and what motivates the actions of people and companies. That helps me better formulate a strategy to achieve my client’s goals, develop themes and arguments for our case, and effectively examine and cross-examine witnesses. By deeply understanding the underlying business, industry and technical matters, I know when an opponent’s arguments or a witness’s testimony just don’t make sense.
Manuel G. Berrelez
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
To provide first-rate service to clients facing civil litigation or a government investigation, you first have to understand their business and industry. That is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job: working alongside the excellent lawyers at V&E and directly with our clients to learn everything we can about their business and help solve the complex legal issues they are facing.
Christopher Duffy
Partner — Shareholder Litigation & Enforcement
Marisa Secco
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
I'm an aggressive litigator who's not afraid to take a case to court. Whether a case ends up in trial or we pursue a settlement, my goal is always to reach a quick, favorable, and strategic resolution for my clients.
Mortimer H. Hartwell
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
San Francisco
Matthew J. Jacobs
Partner — Government Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense
San Francisco
W. Carl Jordan
Partner — General Counsel
George M. Kryder
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Thomas S. Leatherbury
Partner — Appellate
I love oral arguments. I love the courtroom. I love the constitutional issues I work on, especially in First Amendment cases. I have broad experience that benefits clients and allows me to help younger lawyers, in client work, in CLEs and in pro bono work.
Matthew W. Moran
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
One of the best parts of my job is getting to work alongside an excellent team of lawyers at V&E to deliver great results for our clients.
Christopher V. Popov
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Jason M. Powers
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
I want my clients to feel comfortable that I understand their business and where they're coming from. I want to learn what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. I talk to everyone I can, from the general counsel to the person in the field. You can’t write a brief or craft an argument that has the drama and verity of good storytelling unless you can tell the story in the client’s voice.