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Michael E. Bielby
Partner — Finance
The most interesting part for me is learning about how both my lender and borrower clients make money. Learning about their businesses, how they achieve success, and how they plan to continue that success. That understanding allows me to offer better counsel on a given transaction.
Christopher J. Dewar
Partner — Finance
My goal is to focus on what is important and to be collaborative and constructive. When a deal closes, I want our clients to feel both that their interests were vigorously represented and that we got them across the finish line as painlessly as possible for all involved.
Bailey Pham
Partner — Finance
Brett M. Santoli
Partner — Finance
I have a broad base of experience in the finance area — there's very little I haven't seen and done. I draw on that experience when structuring deals for my clients to think through complicated problems and anticipate variables and outcomes.
Darin Schultz
Partner — Finance
I love helping a company secure the necessary financing to grow and innovate. That’s why I like working on the borrower and sponsor side; you have a personal connection to the companies that are actively involved in the space and are driving the market forward.
Karen A. Smith
Partner — Project & Infrastructure Finance
I've seen the practice of project finance evolve from serving mostly power-focused clients in the U.S. to encompassing a wide breadth of infrastructure projects around the world. I bring my deep experience, and my hands-on approach, to every transaction.
David W. Wicklund
Partner — Finance
I enjoy working with really smart and interesting clients, particularly private equity firms, and helping them solve their most difficult financing problems. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work closely with my clients and gain an insider’s view into their businesses and their industries.
Erec R. Winandy
Partner — Finance
We have a very diverse practice: We have a strong borrower side practice and strong lender side practice. Ultimately, I think that gives us broad visibility as to what's going on in the market and we use it to help our clients go efficiently from point A to point Z.
Farah Paliwala
Rafael A. Alvarado
Senior Associate — Finance
Randy M. Aman
Senior Associate — Finance