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Vinson & Elkins’ Taiwan practice complements and augments our strong Asian presence by providing Taiwanese companies with litigation, transactional and strategic legal counseling support in complex intellectual property and corporate matters in the U.S.

We have extensive experience representing Taiwanese companies in a range of industries, including:

  • technology and computer hardware and software
  • electronics, semiconductors and integrated circuits 
  • pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices 
  • telecommunications 
  • petrochemicals and
  • energy, including solar. 

Our IP litigators have an outstanding track record of success in competitor “bet the product line” and “bet the company” litigation, as well as against Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) or “patent trolls” in U.S. state and federal courts and before the International Trade Commission (ITC). We combine world class, leading patent litigation with substantial technical knowledge as many of our technology and IP lawyers have degrees and/or industry experience in electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering, computer science, physics, life sciences and biotechnology. With a team strategically located across the U.S. and Asia, our attorneys are well positioned and experienced to assist our Taiwan-based clients with all facets of their intellectual property development, management and protection. 

We are also able to draw on the full capability of the global V&E team to address issues related to antitrust, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), government and internal investigations, arbitration, tax, finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, joint ventures, development projects, and other transactions.

Our Taiwan practice is further strengthened by our Mandarin and Taiwanese language capabilities, including the ability to negotiate, draft, and translate Chinese legal documents.




  • 技術暨電腦硬體與軟體
  • 電子、半導體與積體電路
  • 醫藥、生物科技與醫療設備
  • 電信
  • 石油化學
  • 能源,包括太陽能。

本所智慧財產權庭審律師在與對手進行「以產品線為賭注」及「以公司為賭注」的訴訟中戰功彪炳,而在美國各州與聯邦法院以及國際貿易委員會(International Trade Commission, ITC)席前對抗非專利實施公司(Non-Practicing Entities, NPE)或專利蟑螂(Patent Troll),戰果更加輝煌。我們的優勢在於世界級、領先專利訴訟與豐富的科技知識相結合,因為本所擁有眾多學有專精和/或產業經驗的科技與智慧財產權律師,包括電子、化學與機械工程、電腦科學、物理學、生命科學與生物科技等各種領域。在與美國及亞洲各地開展業務的策略性團隊合作下,本所律師能藉由有利的形勢與豐富的經驗,協助台灣地區的客戶開發、管理與保護智慧財產權各方面。

我們還能善用文森‧艾爾斯全球團隊的合縱連橫,解決有關反托拉斯、海外反貪污行為法(Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FCPA)、政府與內部調查、仲裁、稅務、融資、合併與收購、私募股權、合資企業、開發專案以及其他交易等業務。


Additional Information

Additional Information

Practice Highlights

  • (D. Del.) — Represented a major Taiwanese handset telephone manufacturer against major U.S. computer manufacturer in patent litigation relating to operating systems and mobile handsets
  • (E.D. Tex.) — Defended a major Taiwanese LED producer in a patent infringement action involving LED manufacturing technology 
  • (Cal. Super. – Santa Clara Cnty.) — Defended a Taiwanese motherboard company and its U.S. subsidiary against a major electronics retailer in litigation involving various claims including fraud and breach of contract 
  • (AAA/ICDR Arbitration) —Tried a five-day international arbitration in defense of a Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer brought by a German computer manufacturer involving product defect claims 
  • (E.D. Tex.) — Represented a Taiwanese computer company in a patent infringement action relating to computer security technology
  • (NY Sup. Ct.) — Represented a Taiwanese technology company in breach of contract action concerning reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing of standards-essential patents

Practice Highlights

  • (美國德拉瓦聯邦地區法院) — 代表台灣某大型行動電話製造商與美國某大型電腦製造商進行關於作業系統與行動電話的專利訴訟
  • (美國德州東區聯邦地區法院) — 為台灣某大型LED製造商捲入LED製造技術的專利侵權訴訟擔任辯護工作
  • (加州聖塔克拉拉郡高等法院) — 為台灣某主機板公司及其美國子公司捲入與某大型電子產品零售商關於詐欺與違約等各類索賠的訴訟擔任辯護工作
  • (美國仲裁協會/國際爭議解決中心仲裁) — 為某台灣主機板製造商因德國某電腦製造商向其購買產品所興之瑕疵索賠訴訟,在為期五天的國際仲裁審理中擔任辯護工作
  • (美國德州東區聯邦地區法院) — 代表台灣某科技電腦公司進行關於光碟機技術的專利侵權訴訟
  • (美國麻州聯邦地區法院) — 代表台灣某電子公司進行關於LED技術的專利侵權訴訟
  • (美國德州東區聯邦地區法院) — 代表台灣某電腦公司進行關於電腦安全性技術的專利侵權訴訟
  • (紐約最高法院) — 代表台灣某科技公司進行關於標準必要專利之合理與非歧視授權的違約訴訟
  • (密西根州巡迴法院) — 代表台灣某太陽能公司進行關於多晶矽的違約訴訟
  • (美國麻州聯邦地區法院) — 代表台灣某科技公司進行關於互動式展示廣告的違約、不當得利與不公平競爭的訴訟