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Patrick K. Breeland
Partner — Private Investment Funds
A lot of the value that someone in my position brings to the client is experience. Because of the volume of transactions that I have handled, I understand the market. I can tell clients, 'Here's what general partners are asking for. Here’s what limited partners are getting.'
James Garrett
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital
Dan Graham
Partner — Private Equity
J. Wesley Jones
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
My passion is working with smart people who have good ideas in the tech space. I enjoy advising emerging companies with cool technology; I can see what they’re trying to accomplish and help them get there in the best way possible, whether it’s growing their business, raising money or ultimately selling their business. I understand what the client is asking for because I’ve also been the client.
Dan Komarek
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
I’ve built long-term relationships with clients based upon taking care of their needs, regardless of what they may be, and by being responsive, effective, and efficient in achieving their goals.
Milam Foster Newby
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
I'm a transactional lawyer, but my relationships with clients are not merely transactional. They're deeper, more strategic. We are true teammates.
W. Matthew Strock
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
I get to work with sophisticated clients on transactions that are of the utmost importance to their businesses. Being part of the team that helps them achieve their goals is highly rewarding.
Paul R. Tobias
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
I have dedicated my career to working with talented technology entrepreneurs, C-level executives and investors to scale their businesses and tackle any challenges that arise as they innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is fascinating, rewarding work, and I consider it a privilege to help leaders in the technology world achieve their goals.
Wesley C. Watts
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
Elena Sauber
Counsel — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity