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Robert Dixon
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
Paul W. Dunbar
Partner — Private Equity & NPLs
The most rewarding part of my work is getting to know clients well and gaining their trust over the course of numerous transactions. You’re an essential part of each deal and in the long term, helping them achieve their goals.
Lawrence S. Elbaum
Partner — Shareholder Activism
Clients look to us to provide unparalleled guidance and judgment when board control and the strategic direction of a company are at stake. When there’s no time to look up answers, our highly skilled team of shareholder activism specialists has the unique ability to hit the ground running, overcome obstacles, and drive successful outcomes.
Jeffery Burton Floyd
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
Patrick Gadson
Partner — Shareholder Activism and Mergers & Acquisitions
Stephen M. Gill
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
My practice involves a lot of counseling. Most of the time I'm dealing with members of boards of public companies who are very well accomplished in their respective fields. But they're facing bet-the-company transactions, often for the first time. I’m helping really smart people accomplish their strategic objectives.
Michael C. Holmes
Partner — Shareholder Litigation & Enforcement
John A. Kupiec
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
What I enjoy about my job is developing a relationship of trust with my clients as they navigate strategically important transactions. Over time, I’ve become someone who clients engage when they need someone to dig in to a complex and “first of its kind” situation—but with a practical and friendly approach.
Michael A. Saslaw
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
Bridging the gaps between parties to a transaction often requires coming up with creative solutions. I’m passionate about helping our clients find those solutions so that they can achieve their transactional goals.
Craig E. Zieminski
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Alan J. Bogdanow
Senior Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
My relationship with clients is more than a commercial association. I truly enjoy helping them grow, and helping them navigate both opportunities and challenges.