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Ryan Carney
Partner — Tax
I enjoy partnering with my clients to help them understand complex tax issues and solve tax problems in creative ways. The added bonus of my practice is that I get to work with great people both inside and outside the firm.
T. Mark Kelly
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
James S. Meyer
Partner — Tax
Tax touches everything. Any business transaction has a tax component to it. I enjoy coming up with solutions on the best ways to structure business transactions and arrangements to help my clients achieve their business goals.
Russell Oshman
Partner — Real Estate
My goal is to be viewed by clients not as their lawyer on any specific transaction, but as a trusted advisor to their overall businesses. Only by seeking to understand the client’s objectives on both a deal-by-deal basis and as part of a broader business strategy can I provide the level of legal services needed by our sophisticated clients on their most complex transactions.
Bailey Pham
Partner — Finance
Chris Rowley
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
Complex business transactions are unpredictable and challenging to manage. I believe one of the best things we can do for our clients is to efficiently break down tasks, identify priorities, communicate clearly across working groups, and enable the business and legal teams to focus on creative solutions to the key commercial problems with maximum focus and clarity.
Of Counsel — Restructuring & Reorganization
W. Bryant Buechele
Senior Associate — Real Estate
Tyler Hokanson
Senior Associate — Real Estate
Brian Russell
Senior Associate — Tax
Melissa Jester Spohn
Senior Associate — Executive Compensation & Benefits