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Joseph Chedrawe
Partner — International Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Robert Dixon
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
Jeffrey E. Eldredge
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
I’ve had the good fortune to build strong, long-term relationships with clients. I take pride in the work I've done to help make them successful.
Amir Ghaffari
Partner — International Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Eric Joseph Klein
Partner — Intellectual Property
Alexander Msimang
Partner — Energy Transactions & Projects
I love the global nature of what I do. On any given day, I'm talking to clients in Brazil and an opposite number in Paris, and a lender in New York, and a buyer in Madrid. I don't know whether it's an art or a science, but explaining to a West African energy minister and a New York investment banker and a Brazilian oil and gas engineer how the deal has to work so they will all understand it and benefit from it is a consistent challenge and a lot of fun.
Karen A. Smith
Partner — Project & Infrastructure Finance
I've seen the practice of project finance evolve from serving mostly power-focused clients in the U.S. to encompassing a wide breadth of infrastructure projects around the world. I bring my deep experience, and my hands-on approach, to every transaction.
Darren Tucker
Partner — Antitrust
My practice deals with some of the most cutting-edge antitrust issues in the world. My work requires that I advocate for clients in complex matters where the law is often unsettled. I enjoy that challenge and I'm always working to find creative solutions for the companies I represent.
Hill Wellford
Partner — Antitrust
I work with creative people, risk-takers. When their moonshots succeed, they draw antitrust attention. To counsel and advocate for them, I first have to learn about the ways in which they are changing whole industries – that’s fascinating to me.
Greg Wells
Counsel — Antitrust
Ibrahim Siddiki
Senior Associate — Energy Transactions & Projects