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International Trade Commission Litigation

With a presence in Washington, D.C., as well as a national and global presence, the collective experience of Vinson & Elkins’ IP attorneys in over 30 Section 337 investigations by the International Trade Commission provides a perfect platform to meet our clients’ business needs. Our attorneys have “end to end” experience – from pre-complaint, to enforcement by Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Justice – with a wide variety of subject matters, including Section 337 investigations based on patents, trade secrets and unfair competition claims. V&E attorneys have been involved in “bet the company” cases before the ITC and have also handled cases tailored to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Well-versed in the ITC’s rules of engagement, remedies, and relief, we build a compelling case for our clients, whether domestic or foreign-based, and whether as complainant or respondent. We represent clients in a variety of industries, including clean energy, plastics, software, high tech, semiconductors, consumer goods, and electronics. Our team is deep in scientific and technical talent and IP litigation experience, and we combine these skills to safeguard and advance our clients’ interests before the ITC.




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Additional Information

Practice Highlights

  • (ITC) – Represented consumer products company in asserting patent infringement, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, false advertising and unfair competition claims against multiple Chinese-based counterfeit manufacturers, as well as large online marketplaces including Alibaba, DH Gate, Wish.com and Bonanza; after institution and successful motion practice and discovery, successfully settled the dispute against the online marketplaces and obtained default judgments against the Chinese-based counterfeit manufacturers
  • (ITC); (Fed. Cir.) — Defending the world’s leading supplier of personal computers in ITC Section 337 investigations regarding audio, video, and computer hardware and software technologies
  • (ITC) — Lead counsel to a wireless handset manufacturer in investigation regarding media player technology; obtained summary determination of invalidity based on lack of patentability; affirmed on appeal
  • (ITC) – Represented a leading semiconductor materials manufacturer against a former competitor in an investigation regarding silicon wafer manufacturing; obtained a complete dismissal of the action
  • (ITC) — Represented a retail plastics bag manufacturer before the ITC relating to patent infringement by foreign manufacturers and domestic importers of plastic bags; we obtained one of only two general exclusion orders issued by the ITC in 2004 and successfully stopped the importation of infringing plastic bags by a number of competitors
  • (ITC) — Represented a major smartphone manufacturer before the ITC relating to alleged patent infringement concerning flash memory chips; we obtained a favorable ruling of no violation and no infringement after a two-week hearing before the ALJ
  • (ITC) — Represented a major smartphone manufacturer in an investigation brought by BTG International before the ITC relating to NAND multi-level flash memory devices; we tried the case to the ALJ and obtained a favorable settlement shortly before issuance of the ALJ’s opinion
  • (E.D. Tex.); (N.D. Cal.); (ITC) — Represented a smartphone manufacturer in multiple patent infringement matters involving global licensing disputes relating to standard-essential cellular telephony patents
  • (ITC) — Represented the world’s leading PC manufacturer in a case involving noise cancellation technology used with multiple-microphone PCs;  after deposing the technical expert and obtaining admissions of noninfringement, the case settled on favorable terms one month before trial
  • (ITC); (D.Del.) — Lead trial counsel in a multi-national patent litigation between Sharp and AU Optronics; after Sharp initiated the patent litigation by asserting seven patents against AU Optronics in the ITC and Delaware, identified over 12 patents for AU Optronics to counter-assert in the ITC, multiple United States district courts, China, and Taiwan; shortly after AU Optronics counter-asserted its patents in the United States, the parties settled the dispute with a global patent license agreement
  • (ITC) — Represented Hitachi, Ltd. of Japan and Hitachi Data Systems Corp. in a patent litigation brought by EMC Corporation involving large scale data storage and virtualization technology implemented by redundant array of independent disks
  • (E.D. Tex.); (ITC) — Represented a global automobile manufacturer in the defense of a patent infringement action relating to telematics systems
  • (ITC) — Represented Hitachi Maxell of Japan in a patent litigation involving patented zero-mercury-added alkaline battery technology
  • (ITC) — Represented a digital radio technology company in an investigation brought by a patent holding company; the patents at issue involved parallel processing CPUs; resolved the case with a favorable settlement
  • (ITC) — Defended a major smartphone manufacturer in an ITC investigation involving several patents relating to flash memories and methods of manufacturing them; the case settled shortly before trial began on favorable terms for our client
  • (ITC) — Represented a large retail grocery chain in patent investigation brought by a grill manufacturer before the United States International Trade Commission relating to multiple mode (solid and gas fueled) outdoor grills; obtained favorable settlement and complete resolution for our client

Practice Highlights

  • ITC(聯邦巡迴上訴法院) — 在一依337法案調查(Section 337 Investigation)所提出的專利侵權案件中,擔任被告南韓生物特徵掃描器製造商Suprema, Inc.的首席庭審辯護律師;在進行完整的聽證會後,為Suprema現有產品之進口贏得無重大排除效果(no material preclusive effect)的有利裁決;就另一爭議,在上訴審中獲得具有劃時代意義的重大判決,即限制了國際貿易委員會得判定補償間接專利侵權的法定權限;Law360評定本案為2013年ITC發展(ITC Developments)十大案件的第二名;其後,聯邦巡迴法院進行全院聯席審理(En Banc),針對337法案爭議以六票對四票發表意見;本案最後在上訴至美國最高法院前達成和解。
  • ITC — 在ITC代表原告,一美國跨國公司;本案涉及風力發電機技術以及日本大企業及其美國子公司製造之風力發電機產品的多項專利;案件經初步判定日本公司侵害客戶的兩項專利;此初步判定遭委員會依專利範圍界定後推翻;委員會的判決在上訴後遭到推翻並發回委員會重審,該案最終以對客戶有利的情況達成和解(文森艾爾斯是ITC訴訟的首席辯護律師)。
  • ITC — 在針對外國製造商和國內進口商塑膠袋專利侵權一案,代表某零售塑膠袋製造商;我們獲得ITC在2004年下達2次一般性禁止進口令的其中之一,成功阻止許多競爭廠商進口侵權的塑膠袋。
  • ITC — 在ITC,在快閃記憶體侵害專利一案,代表某大型智慧手機製造廠;經過行政法官二星期的審訊,獲得未違法及未侵權的勝訴判決。
  • ITC — 在英國技術集團國際公司對NAND多層快閃記憶裝置的調查中,在ITC代表某大型智慧手機製造廠;案件其後轉交行政法官,並於行政法官表達看法前快速獲得有利和解。
  • ITC — 在ITC對快閃記憶體及其製造方法的數項專利相關調查中,代表某大型智慧手機製造廠進行辯護;本案在審訊開始前即依據客戶有利的條件和解。
  • ITC — 在ITC針對主要競爭者製造的特定照明控制裝置調查中,擔任原告某照明控制製造商的辯護律師;本案涉及照明控制各層面的數項專利,並申請禁止產品進口;在無需進行聽證情況下即獲得有利和解。

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