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Copyright Litigation

Vinson & Elkins’ lawyers represent a broad array of clients in matters involving business-critical copyrights. Our Copyright Litigation practice has experience in matters involving both traditional and new media, including broadcast and cable television, web content, and advertising. We also litigate complex technical copyright cases involving issues, such as source code misuse, software piracy, reverse engineering, cleanroom development, and the use of proprietary information.

V&E’s lawyers routinely advise clients in a wide range of industries, including media, energy, and technology, regarding copyright matters. We protect our clients’ intellectual property when misappropriated by others and protect their interests in development, licensing, and cost-effective resolutions when they are faced with copyright claims.




Additional Information

Additional Information

Practice Highlights

  • (N.D. Cal.) — Represented a Silicon Valley company in a complex software copyright and contractual dispute involving enterprise resource and supply chain management software
  • (W.D. Tex.) — Represented a major software retailer in a copyright litigation involving piracy of a system repair and data recovery software tool
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Defended a television broadcaster in a multi-million-dollar infringement lawsuit involving an unsettled area of copyright law, and negotiated a favorable settlement
  • (N.D. Tex.) — Defended a large law firm accused of copyright infringement due to the submission of prior art references to the Patent Office as part of its patent prosecution practice; we obtained a summary judgment in our client’s favor on fair use grounds
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Defended an advertising agency and its photographer and client against claims of copyright infringement; case settled quickly after V&E obtained a favorable summary judgment ruling for our client
  • (Tex. Dist. − Harris Cnty.); (Tex. App. − Houston [14th Dist.]) — Successfully defended our client against state law claims regarding computer software that were held preempted by federal copyright law; we obtained favorable rulings from both state and federal courts in multiple proceedings
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Successfully defended an oil company against claims of copyright infringement involving software; the V&E team negotiated a favorable settlement after limited discovery

Practice Highlights

  • (美國加州北區聯邦地區法院) — 代表某矽谷公司處理關於商用資源與供應鏈管理軟體著作權及合約爭議。
  • (美國德州西區聯邦地區法院.) — 代表某大型軟體零售商進行關於系統維修與資料還原軟體工具的著作權侵權訴訟。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) — 為某電視廣播業者就一涉及數百萬美元之著作權侵權案件進行訴訟,該案涉及著作權法尚有爭議之領域,協商後達成有利客戶的和解。
  • (美國德州北區聯邦地區法院) — 代表某大律師事務所因於專利申請期間向專利局呈送先前技術參考內容,而被控侵害著作權進行訴訟,基於合理使用的論點,我們為客戶贏得簡易判決。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) — 在一著作權侵權訴訟中代表被告廣告代理公司及其攝影師;案件在本所獲得有利於客戶簡易判決後迅速達成和解。
  • (美國德州聯邦地區法院 – 哈里斯郡)、(美國德州上訴法院 – 休士頓[第十四聯邦地區法院]) — 成功地協助客戶對抗德州州法針對電腦軟體應優先適用聯邦著作權法的主張;其後在州法院和聯邦法院的多項訴訟程序中皆獲有利的裁決。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) — 成功地為一被指控侵害軟體著作權的石油公司辯護;在部份取證後本所即與對方達成有利於客戶的和解。

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