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Professional Development

Vinson & Elkins is committed to the professional growth of our lawyers. We offer comprehensive training and career development programs through our in-house V&E Academy, which includes valuable work experience, a wide variety of training programs, practice outlines, practice-specific training, soft-skills training, guidelines for meeting firm benchmarks, and individualized professional development through evaluations, feedback, mentoring, personalized coaching, and career planning.

The training begins on the first day with New Attorney Orientation. This multi-day program is just the start of the career-long investments V&E makes in our lawyers. In the weeks, months and years that follow, V&E provides all of the necessary development that our lawyers will need to grow and thrive.

V&E also equips our lawyers to succeed through hands-on experience, utilizing both internal and external skill-based workshops and one-on-one coaching. With more than 200 internal CLEs each year, on-demand e-learning, workshops, one-on-one coaching with leading experts, and access to external providers, V&E lawyers are well positioned and trained to tackle the complex matters that V&E is proud to handle for our clients.