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New York Enacts Updated Breach Notification Law with Minimum Data Security Requirements 07-29-2019

V&E Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Update, July 29, 2019

On July 25, 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (“SHIELD”) Act. 

NCMA World Congress 2019 07-29-2019

V&E partner Dan Graham will present at the World Congress 2019 in Boston hosted by the National Contract Management Association alongside Greg Bingham, President at the Kenrich Group.

Regulation of Rural Pipelines is “Gathering” Steam in Texas 07-26-2019

V&E Shale Update, July 26, 2019

The Railroad Commission of Texas (the “Commission”) recently published draft rules foreshadowing regulation of rural crude oil and gas gathering pipelines that have historically been largely unregulated. 

Political Animals in the Workplace 07-25-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, July 25, 2019

All of us are, by nature, political animals, according toAristotle’s essay on “Politics.” And it’s politics season again, even despite the distance to the next presidential election. 

UK Tax Authority Launches Facility to Encourage Multinational Transfer Pricing Compliance 07-25-2019

V&E Tax Update, July 25, 2019

HMRC has launched a new initiative designed to encourage taxpayers into compliance with the 2015 diverted profits tax, or “DPT”.

Do Bitcoin ATMs Make Money Laundering too Easy? Regulators Try to Keep up with Emerging Cryptocurrency Trend 07-24-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, July 24, 2019

Law enforcement agencies have warned that digital currencies, like Bitcoin, are easily used by criminals to launder the proceeds of illegal activities. In the past, buying and selling Bitcoin was technically complex, with limited opportunities for converting physical currency into digital currency without detection. 

DOJ Signals FCPA Policy Shift Focusing on M&A Transactions, Creating New Incentives and Heightened Risks for Companies on Both Sides of Deals 07-23-2019

V&E Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Update, July 23, 2019

Know the Facts Before Making a Decision 07-23-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, July 23, 2019

I recently coached a law student working at Vinson & Elkins for the summer that when she writes a legal memorandum, she should always start with a statement of the facts of the matter as she knows them. The reason for doing this is that if she makes a conclusion on the facts, but does not tell the reader what she believes the facts to be, there could be a misunderstanding. 

The “Risk Corridors” Litigation: How Risky Should It Be to Do Business With the U.S. Government? 07-23-2019

First published by The Federalist Society, July 18, 2019

In this podcast, V&E partner Jason Levine joins The Federalist Society for a teleforum conference call on “risk corridors” litigation.

The Antitrust Divergence at the FTC: Beyond Vertical Mergers 07-23-2019

First Published in ABA's Antitrust, Vol. 33, Summer 2019

V&E lawyers Darren Tucker and Thomas Bohnett discuss the recent divides regarding antitrust enforcement. 

DOJ Signals FCPA Policy Shift Focusing on M&A Transactions, Creating New Incentives and Heightened Risks for Companies on Both Sides of Deals 07-23-2019

V&E Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Update, July 23, 2019

What’s in a DPA? Breaking Down Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Light of New Antitrust Division Policy 07-18-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, July 18, 2019

The DOJ’s Antitrust Division (“Division”) recently announced a significant policy change — that we covered in depth here — that will afford non-leniency companies the opportunity to seek mitigation credit in a criminal antitrust investigation if the company had in place at the time of misconduct a robust and effective compliance program. 

Recent Developments in Media, Privacy, Defamation, and Advertising Law 07-18-2019

First Published in the American Bar Association's Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal, Spring 2019

V&E lawyers Thomas Leatherbury and Marc Fuller co-wrote a paper addressing legal developments in media, privacy, defamation, and advertising law spanning October 2017 to September 2018.

To "Blue Pencil" a Non-Compete — What Does That Mean? 07-18-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, July 18, 2019

Some people worry about the drafting of non-competes more than others. One reason for this is probably that the people who are more relaxed about how the provisions are drafted are in jurisdictions that have the safety net of local courts that will reform or “blue pencil” provisions that are found to be overly broad.

What’s in a DPA? Breaking Down Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Light of New Antitrust Division Policy 07-18-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, July 18, 2019

The DOJ’s Antitrust Division (“Division”) recently announced a significant policy change — that we covered in depth here — that will afford non-leniency companies the opportunity to seek mitigation credit in a criminal antitrust investigation if the company had in place at the time of misconduct a robust and effective compliance program. 

Rhodium Group Report — Capturing Leadership: Policies for the U.S. to Advance Direct Air Capture Technology 07-18-2019

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a chemical process by which carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed directly from the air. Researchers highlight DAC research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) as a means to mitigate climate change and limit the increase in global temperature.

Carbon Removal — Will This Technology Overcome the Funding Hurdle? 07-18-2019

As climate change gains attention on Capitol Hill from legislators on both sides of the aisle, proposals are increasingly referencing carbon removal technologies as a means of addressing global carbon emissions.

California Outlaws (Some) Hair Discrimination 07-16-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, July 16, 2019

A couple of months ago, I discussed whether a company could terminate an employee who had dyed her hair pink. My conclusion was that employers could legally — at least for now — prohibit employees from having pink hair although I noted that employers were increasingly reconsidering prohibitions on hair color, tattoos and certain piercings which might have the effect of eliminating talented younger candidates from the applicant pool.

Winning the Leniency Race No Longer the Only Avenue for Avoiding Criminal Antitrust Prosecution 07-15-2019

V&E Antitrust Update, July 15, 2019

Thanks to a major policy change at the Department of Justice Antitrust Division (the “Division”), companies under investigation for criminal antitrust violations will now have the opportunity to avoid prosecution even if they are not a leniency applicant.

Increasing Climate Disclosure Mandate in the United Kingdom 07-12-2019

Earlier this month, the United Kingdom (“UK”) indicated that it is considering rules to require disclosure of certain climate-related risks. On July 2, the government released its Green Finance Strategy, which discusses the UK’s strategy for accomplishing its goals of net zero emissions by 2050.

2018 CFO University 04-13-2018

Hosted by Financial Executives International

On Friday, April 13, the Houston Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI) is hosting its 2018 CFO University. 

GAR Live Construction Disputes 04-12-2018

Vinson & Elkins is pleased to be sponsoring Global Arbitration Review’s GAR Live Construction Disputes conference in Paris. The conference offers a unique opportunity to explore and discuss key themes with top construction disputes focussed practitioners and arbitrators from around the world.

Equilar Compensation Committee Forum 03-20-2018

Equilar and Nasdaq are excited to offer a one-day program for public company compensation committee members, chief HR and senior-level compensation executives, general counsel, and corporate secretaries.

2018 J.B. & Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium: The Public Trust Doctrine in the 21st Century 03-15-2018

Join The George Washington University Law School, the Journal of Energy and Environmental Law, GW Environmental & Energy Law Association, and the Environmental Law Institute for a symposium on the Public Trust Doctrine in Washington, DC.

Shareholder Activism: Managing & Mitigating Risks in 2018 03-06-2018

V&E partner Lawrence Elbaum (CCL/NY) will join Shaun Bisman, Principal, Compensation Advisory Partners and Gillian Emmett Moldowan, Counsel, Compensation, Governance & ERISA, Shearman & Sterling LLP for The Knowledge Group’s live webcast.

Tax Executive Institute – Houston Chapter Tax School 02-27-2018

On February 27, V&E Tax lawyer Megan James will speak on a panel titled, “Upstream Oil and Gas Like-Kind Exchange Transactions after Tax Reform,” at the upcoming Tax Executive Institute (TEI) Tax School.

Iraq Petroleum 2018 02-27-2018

V&E is pleased to sponsor the 2018 Iraq Petroleum Conference, taking place in Berlin, Germany on February 27-28.

2018 International Fiscal Association (IFA) Annual Conference 02-21-2018

V&E is pleased to sponsor the 2018 International Fiscal Association (IFA) Annual Conference. 

Trends Transactions and Opportunities in Oil and Gas 02-15-2018

V&E Restructuring partner Bill Wallander will speak on a complimentary webcast regarding the latest in oil & gas transaction trends.

The National Association of Corporate Directors: The Strategic-Asset GC 02-12-2018

On Monday, February 12, V&E partner Gillian Hobson will moderate the “2018 Governance Outlook” session at The Strategic-Asset GC being held in Washington D.C.

Advanced Intellectual Property Law Course 02-07-2018

On Wednesday, February 7, V&E partner Devika Kornbacher presented the topic, "Data Security & Agreements - Negotiating Agreements of Provisions" at a cybersecurity-focused workshop offered by the State Bar of Texas in conjunction with their annual Advanced Intellectual Property Law course.

Texas Journal of Oil & Gas and Energy Law (TJOGEL) Symposium 02-01-2018

V&E partners Matt Stammel and Mike Heidler will present, "Who Is Responsible for Cleaning up the Mess?: Indemnities in the Oil Patch" at the Texas Journal of Oil & Gas and Energy Law (TJOGEL) Symposium on Thursday, February 1.

What Technology Clients Need to Know About the New Tax Act 02-01-2018

IP Series Logo - Mini Thumbnail - 50px WidePresident Trump signed into law the bill commonly known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on December 22. What will this mean for your company?

13th Annual Columbia University Energy Symposium 02-01-2018

V&E partner Robert Seber will speak on the "Peak Oil Demand: Transitioning to a Low Carbon World" panel at the 13th Annual Columbia University Energy Symposium on Thursday, February 1.

2018 AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute 01-26-2018

On Friday, January 26, partner Devika Kornbacher will speak on “Law Firm Privacy – Have You Been Hacked?” as part of a larger panel titled, “Keeping Private Data Private – Law Firm Cybersecurity and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” at the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Mid-Winter Institute.

YPE Houston Breakfast Series 01-23-2018

YPE Houston is hosting its first event of 2018 with a Breakfast Series featuring guest speakers from Vinson & Elkins, Jason L. McIntosh (Partner, Tax) and Neil Clausen (Associate, Tax) who will be discussing "Tax Reform Update and Implications".

Negotiation Ethics: Winning Without Selling Your Soul 01-23-2018

Lawyers negotiate every day and negotiating ethically and maintaining their reputations as ethical and professional is critical to the successful practice of law. 

ACI's FCPA Conference 01-23-2018

On January 24, 2018 V&E partner, Jeff Johnston, will present on the "Repeat Offenders: How to Mitigate the Risk of Recidivism with FCPA Compliance" panel at the American Conference Institute’s (ACI) 12th Houston Forum on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

5th ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration 01-18-2018

V&E is a proud sponsor of the 5th Annual ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration. This program focuses on a review of the year past and the year ahead in the arbitration of international disputes in the energy industry.

Wind Energy: The Art of Coping with Uncertainty 01-17-2018

Please join the Guarini Center for a discussion on “Wind Energy: The Art of Coping with Uncertainty.”

Alternative Sources of Capital Raising in a Distressed Market 01-13-2016

Energy Series Logo - Mini Thumbnail - 50px WideThis program covers alternative sources of capital raising in a distressed market, including private master limited partnerships (private MLPs), private investments in public equity (PIPEs), preferred offerings to private equity investors and the retail public (private and retail preferred offerings), and MLP consolidations (MLP roll-ups).

MLP 101 10-14-2015

Energy Series Logo - Thumbnail - 125x120This program covers the typical organizational and capital structure of MLPs, governance and accounting issues, and a primer on tax considerations and qualifying income.

ICC Arbitration Statistics Reflect Strong Arbitration Trends Worldwide 07-02-2019

V&E International Dispute Resolution Update, July 2, 2019

The International Chamber of Commerce, the world’s most prominent arbitral institution, recently released statistics on its cases for the past year. While the statistics are unique to the ICC, they likely reflect broader trends as the ICC is a global arbitration leader. 

Celebrating LGBTQ Pride and the Modern Workplace 06-27-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 27, 2019

Tomorrow, June 28, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riot where gay men and lesbians fought back during a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village. Because this blog is about the workplace, however, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how far American employers, including my own law firm, have come during my lifetime in protecting the rights of LGBTQ workers, and to talk about one of my heroes of the LGBTQ movement.

Big Brother! China Doubles-Down On Ability to Monitor and Collect Data 06-27-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, June 27, 2019

On May 28, 2019, China released draft Measures for Data Security Management (“Measures”) that purport to implement data protection requirements by creating individual rights to correct and delete personal information from data storage, mandatory notifications to individuals in the event of a data breach, and a presumption of liability on network operators for breaches caused by third-parties.

Maybe It’s Real This Time: Mexico Fights Corruption 06-26-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, June 26, 2019

In May 2019, delivering on his central campaign promise to target corruption in Mexico, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration launched an investigation into Emilio Lozoya Austin, former CEO of Mexican state-owned oil and gas company Petróleos Mexicanos (“Pemex”) for alleged fraud, money laundering, and bribery.

DOJ Employs Aggressive Tactics to Win 5th Straight Trial Victory, Highlighting the Risks for Executives in FCPA Cases 06-25-2019

V&E Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Update, June 25, 2019

On June 20, 2019, a federal jury in Boston returned guilty verdicts against two high-level executives for their role in a conspiracy to bribe foreign government officials in Haiti, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and related money laundering and Travel Act offenses.

Does Your Arbitration Agreement Include a Carve-Out for Employee Access to the National Labor Relations Board? It Should. 06-25-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 25, 2019

Most employers mandating arbitration agreements as a condition of employment do not intend to prevent employees from filing unfair labor charges with the National Labor Relations Board. 

Lenders Set Sights on Foreign Collateral, but Borrowers Need to be Cautious 06-25-2019

V&E Tax Update, June 25, 2019

New regulations under section 956 give lenders more ammunition in demanding foreign collateral for U.S. loans, but U.S. borrowers need to draft carefully to avoid tax on foreign income.

Walmart Doesn’t “Save Money,” But It May “Live Better” After DOJ Agrees to Significant Concessions to Narrow Scope of its Corporate Monitorship 06-21-2019

V&E FCPA & Global Anti-Corruption Update, June 21, 2019

In a significant departure from previous practice, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) imposed a corporate monitor on a company even after it engaged in extensive remedial measures and enhanced its compliance functions, but DOJ also agreed to narrow the scope, obligations and term of the corporate monitorship in what is the most meaningful example yet of how DOJ intends to implement its new policy on corporate monitors.

Rat Eradication – Inflated and Otherwise 06-20-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 20, 2019

In late May, the New York Times ran a grim story entitled “Rats are Taking Over New York City,” talking about the onslaught of rats in New York and other major cities. In fact, a record 17,353 rat sightings had been reported to the city hotline in the last year. 

Supreme Court Says States and Feds Can Prosecute the Same Crime, Upholding the “Separate Sovereigns” Doctrine 06-19-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, June 19, 2019

The Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides that no person shall “be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” 

U.S. Department of Transportation Proposed Reauthorization of Pipeline Safety Programs Focuses on the Existing Mission of PHMSA 06-19-2019

V&E Environmental Law Update, June 19, 2019

On June 3, 2019, Secretary Elaine Chao of the U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) proposed a reauthorization of the DOT’s pipeline safety programs at the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (“PHMSA”) for four additional years.

FTC Report on over 200 Pharma Settlements Post-Actavis Shows Common Terms, Less “Compensation”; FTC Calls “Possible Compensation” Its “Next Frontier” 06-19-2019

V&E Antitrust Update, June 19, 2019

recent report issued by the FTC’s Bureau of Competition reveals that, in fiscal year 2016 (there is a lag in the FTC’s reporting), pharmaceutical companies filed a whopping 232 final settlement agreements resolving patent disputes between brand and generic manufacturers.

Why Does My Investor Relations Manager Need to Be in This Meeting? 06-18-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 18, 2019

For public companies, whenever there is a change in leadership for whatever reason, an issue that must be addressed is whether the company needs to make a public filing disclosing the change. The company should evaluate the disclosure both from a regulatory compliance standpoint and an investor relations standpoint, carefully considering both the tone and content of the disclosure.

The Australian Digital Platforms Inquiry: Can Regulating Digital Platforms “Save” the Media Industry or Is It Fake News? 06-17-2019

First Published in ICARUS - Spring 2019 ABA Section of Antitrust Law Media and Technology Committee, April 2019

V&E lawyer Evan Miller summarizes Australia’s ongoing digital platforms inquiry.

Employment Laws Also Apply to Your Household Caretakers 06-13-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 13, 2019

When you are an employment lawyer who represents management, most of your clients are businesses that have human resources departments. From time to time, however, I am cornered by friends at ball games or cocktail parties who have questions about the individual caretakers who assist them in managing their house, children, and garden, or, for example, the home health aides who might take care of their parents. 

Opioid Manufacturer Files for Bankruptcy after Settling with DOJ 06-12-2019

V&E Government Investigations Update, June 12, 2019

On June 5, the Department of Justice announced that opioid manufacturer Insys Therapeutics (Insys) agreed to settle the government’s criminal and civil investigations into an illegal marketing scheme for Subsys, an opioid spray used by adult cancer patients. 

Time Is of the Essence: U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Failure-To-Exhaust Argument in Employment Discrimination Suits Can Be Waived If Not Timely Made 06-11-2019

Managing the Modern Workplace, June 11, 2019

On June 3, 2019, in Fort Bend County v. Davis, the Supreme Court held that federal courts can hear discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, even if the worker alleging discrimination did not bring those claims first to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) or an equivalent state-level workplace discrimination body.

Government Agencies Barred From AIA Patent Challenges, Said Supreme Court 06-11-2019

V&E IP Insights, June 11, 2019

On June 10, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court held that a federal agency is not a “person” able to challenge the validity of a patent post-issuance under the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011 (the “AIA”).

BSEE Risk-Based Inspections: First Year Report and Second Year Expansion 06-07-2019

V&E Environmental and Natural Resources Update, June 7, 2019

In 2018, the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (“BSEE”) commenced performance of a new investigatory program at oil and gas exploration and production facilities on the federal Outer Continental Shelf (“OCS”) in the Gulf of Mexico. Dubbed the Risk-Based Inspections (“RBI” or “risk inspections”) Program, this new investigatory tool is intended by BSEE to supplement its regular safety and environmental inspections.

Heritage Pharmaceuticals Under Fire, Settles Criminal and Civil Charges with DOJ 06-06-2019

V&E Antitrust Update, June 6, 2019

On May 30, 2019, the DOJ’s Antitrust Division charged Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc., a generic pharmaceutical company, for conspiring with its competitors to fix prices, rig bids, and allocate customers. The one-count felony information, filed on May 30 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, alleges that from April 2014 to December 2015 Heritage conspired with other individuals and companies to fix and maintain prices of glyburide, a medicine used to treat diabetes.1 At the same time, the Antitrust Division and Heritage entered into a deferred prosecution agreement (“DPA,” explained below) to resolve the charge.

Cyber-insurance 101: The Basics 09-30-2019

Increasingly, organizations are purchasing cyber-insurance or requiring their vendors to do so to mitigate risks related to cyber-attacks. In this video, partner Devika Kornbacher helps companies think through choosing the coverage that is best for them.

Protecting Data in Unlikely Places 09-25-2019

Intellectual Property partner Devika Kornbacher discusses how to protect your company data in unlikely places.

V&E's Matt Jacobs Discusses Legal Implications from Indictments in Mueller Investigations 01-31-2019

Matt Jacobs appears on MSNBC to discuss the legal implications of Roger Stone’s indictment in the Mueller investigations.

V&E's Matt Jacobs Weighs in on Committee Investigation 01-14-2019

Matt Jacobs sits in on an MSNBC panel to discuss the subject of legal troubles facing the Trump family in light of allegations of the inaugural committee misusing and abusing funds.

V&E’s Matt Jacobs Weighs In on the Mueller Investigation 01-07-2019

V&E's Matt Jacobs, a former federal prosecuter, sits down with MSNBC during a panel discussing the Mueller investigation. 

REIT IPO Activity Could Pick Up in Late 2018 04-11-2018

First published by Nareit, April 3, 2018

Daniel LeBey, partner, capital markets and M&A at Vinson & Elkins LLP, participated in a video interview at REITwise 2018, Nareit’s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Why Join V&E: Your Development as a Lawyer 01-02-2018

Hear from V&E Partner John B. Connally, Practice Group Leader, former Management Committee member, and LGBT affinity group member, on what he thinks are the two most important things when considering where to start your law career.

The International Reach of The Defend Trade Secrets Act 09-12-2017

V&E partner Craig Tyler outlines implications of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) for misappropriation taking place outside of the U.S. and looks specifically at the International Trade Commission as a venue for cracking down on misappropriating products imported into the U.S.

Testing the Waters: The First Few Months of The Defend Trade Secrets Act 09-12-2017

On May 11, 2016, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was signed into law, providing a federal civil remedy for trade secrets misappropriation. 

An Intro to The Defend Trade Secrets Act 05-11-2017

The new Defend Trade Secrets Act was signed into law by President Obama on May 11, 2016. V&E partner Steve Borgman explains what the new law is, how it differs from existing trade secrets law, and how the new law can be beneficial to parties involved in a trade secrets dispute.

Intellectual Property Rights in Complex Cross-Border Operations 05-11-2017

A common problem that arises in complex cross-border operations involving intellectual property is something referred to as the coordination problem. Rights under the law in one country may be exploited under the laws of another country. These problems can be addressed contractually if proper forethought is given.

EPA’s National Enforcement Initiatives for Fiscal Years 2017–2019 10-01-2016

On October 1, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) National Enforcement Initiatives (“NEIs”) for fiscal years 2017-2019 took effect.

A Profile of V&E’s Energy Appellate Practice 08-31-2016

Marie Yeates, co-chair of V&E's Appellate practice, and Appellate partner Michael Heidler have deep experience handling energy appeals, particularly in Texas and Louisiana.

A Closer Look at EPA's New Methane Rules for the Oil and Gas Industry 06-22-2016

On May 12, 2016, EPA issued a slate of final rules and an information request under the Clean Air Act directed at the oil and gas industry. This is the first time EPA is directly regulating methane as a greenhouse gas. These rules will have widespread application to the oil and gas industry, including production, processing, transmission, and storage. 

Employment Consideration in International Asset Transactions 06-03-2016

Martin Luff, counsel in V&E’s International Employment practice, highlights some of the differences between U.S. and international transactions with regards to the transfer of employment and employee benefits. Buyers and sellers must consider all potential issues that may arise in the different jurisdictions where business deals occur.

Global Reductions in Force 06-03-2016

Martin Luff, counsel in V&E’s International Employment practice, highlights the issues employers must consider when implementing global layoffs or reductions in force.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Do You Have the Coverage You Think You Do? 06-03-2016

There are several benefits to workers’ compensation insurance. For example, it provides benefits to an employee in the event of a workplace injury and provides an exclusive remedy protecting the employer from most types of negligence claims.

Changes to the Partnership Audit Tax Rules – What Partnerships Need to Consider Now 02-04-2016

Major changes to the rules for auditing the tax items of partnerships were made by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 and will come into effect in 2018.

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