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Managing the Modern Workplace
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Dealing with Dementia in the Workplace

In the last couple of years, I have watched both my parents deal with dementia: first, my father who died last year after dealing with Lewy body dementia in the last years of his life, and more recently, my mother, who is currently living in “memory care” assisted living because of Parkinson’s-related dementia. While it has been difficult watching my once very bright parents deal with severe cognitive declines, I recognize that they were both fortunate in that they did not begin to suffer from dementia until they were well into their eighties.

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  • 07
  • April
  • 2016


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Keep it on the Down Low: Protecting Business Confidential Information from a Human Relations Perspective

Almost every business has some information that it wishes to keep confidential, and many businesses have information that the law requires them to keep confidential. In a world that seems to be filled with hackers, what these companies do to protect this confidential information is not only a legal concern, but is the stuff of a front page PR nightmare.  

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