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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

  • 23
  • February
  • 2017


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Everything Crazy Can Be Sane Again

We can hope that new appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and its General Counsel will eventually return some sanity to American labor law. Until such time, we can only hope that the federal courts of appeals will continue to scrutinize the NLRB’s decisions. 

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  • 01
  • December
  • 2016


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Making More Paper Might be the Only Way to Keep Supervisors on Your Side – For Now

In unionized and non-union workforces alike, whether a worker is considered a “supervisor” under the National Labor Relations Act (the “NLRA”) can affect how a company interacts with its workers and what information it provides them. The basic idea is that the company should be able to rely on the undivided loyalty of certain employees. Conversely, employees should be free to organize without supervisory interference. The National Labor Relations Board (the “Board”) has recently made it more difficult to know which employees qualify as supervisors. It seems likely that any Trump appointments to the Board will shift the balance and hopefully provide more clarity. In any event, companies would be well-advised to heed the message of these decisions — to be sure your supervisors stay on your side, it is important to have the paperwork to back it up.

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  • 06
  • September
  • 2016


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Clear and Early Communications Will Set You Free

Congratulations! Your Company has been awarded a new contract for services and will replace a company that had previously provided the same services to the customer. Your operations folks are not certain how many of the predecessor’s employees they will decide to hire. You have been told that one reason your Company obtained the work was that your Company’s proposal had lower total cost for wages and benefits than the predecessor company. Oh, and by the way, your predecessor’s employees were represented by a union.

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  • 18
  • August
  • 2016


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Winter Has Come Early for Employers in Canada

Employers in Canada not only have to deal with harsher winters than their southern neighbors, but they also have to contend with a Supreme Court that consistently expands the rights of employees, as it recently did when it decided that employers subject to “federal” Canadian law cannot discharge employees, even non-union employees, without cause after those employees have been employed for 12 consecutive months.

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  • 10
  • May
  • 2016


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Details Matter in Collective Bargaining

When negotiating new labor union agreements, employers often focus only on the value of wages and benefits and assume that the remaining terms of the agreement—which may have been in effect for decades—can remain the same. However, when an employer decides that it needs to make moves that allow it to accommodate economic, technology, and business management changes, these seemingly inconsequential, yet overlooked, details can often stop the employer in its tracks. 

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