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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

Which Law Applies to International Employees Really Does Matter

When a company has workers around the world, be they employees or independent contractors, the company needs to give some thought to which country’s laws will apply to the company’s relationship with those workers. Choice of law issues are not easy. These issues need to be carefully considered at the outset of the relationship because there may be steps the company can take to select a favorable jurisdiction (or at least avoid a bad jurisdiction) and to make that selection stick.

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Whistling (In the Public Interest) While You Work

Whistleblowing claims have a funny way of sneaking up on employers. When an employee makes a complaint or raises a grievance, the legal risk is sometimes obvious at the start. But it can often catch an employer by surprise late in the process. Understanding (at least at a high level) the legal standards for whistleblowing claims in the different jurisdictions in which your company operates is critical to managing this risk.

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  • 20
  • July
  • 2017


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Rise of the Machines – Are Robots Your Workforce of the Future?

“Today, technology and automation are eliminating many jobs.” If you are a C-suite executive, an HR director or a member of the board and you have not yet given serious consideration to how automation and AI could affect your workforce, perhaps this line from Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Commencement address to Harvard’s Class of 2017 will make you stop and think about how your company will respond to the seismic changes around the corner.

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  • 06
  • June
  • 2017


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Workers' Rights - The UK Election Battleground

You’d be forgiven for tuning out politics at the moment, but we cannot escape the fact that there is a general election just around the corner in the UK, and employment laws are high on the agenda. As we get close to polling day, the Conservative’s lead in the polls remains, but it is looking a lot slimmer than it was a few weeks ago. So what does it mean for workers’ rights if the Conservatives remain in power or if Labour pulls off a shock win? The manifestos of the two leading parties are, perhaps unsurprisingly, vague on the details, but both are trumpeting their commitments to protect workers.

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