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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

  • 26
  • September
  • 2017

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The ADA is Not a Leave Law, But Someone Forgot to Tell the EEOC

Does the ADA require employers to allow unpaid leave for accommodation when such leave doesn’t present undue hardship? This has actually been an open question under the ADA for a while, and the EEOC last year said that unpaid leave might sometimes be a reasonable accommodation; most employers would probably say that unpaid leave is not a reasonable accommodation. After all, an accommodation request can only be reasonable if the employee, “with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the employment position.”

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HR Checklist for the New Year

As labor lawyers, we tend to think of our professional years as starting and ending on Labor Day. In order to celebrate the new Labor year, I intended to send this post early last week, but a storm called Harvey got in the way. So in belated celebration of the new Labor year, I now provide to you a checklist for the coming year as our New Year gift.

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  • 20
  • April
  • 2017

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Don’t Be Afraid to Run Your Business in Considering ADA Accommodation Requests

Employers are often hesitant to deny a disabled employee accommodation, fearing that any denial may trigger liability. But a recent Eleventh Circuit case reminds us that, while employers must seriously consider accommodation requests and engage in a meaningful interactive process with the requester, companies don’t have to let such a request interrupt the ordinary conduct of their business.

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  • 21
  • February
  • 2017

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Avoiding Non-Compliance with the ADA for Emergency Response Personnel

An employee is not protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) if he is unable to perform the essential functions of the employment position he holds. But what makes a particular job function “essential,” and can a job function be “essential” even if it is rarely performed? Last month, the Eleventh Circuit joined the Sixth and Eighth Circuits in holding that a job function that is rarely performed may still be considered “essential.” In Bagwell v. Morgan County Commission,1 the Court found that, although certain maintenance tasks were rarely required, a park groundskeeper was not qualified to do the job in part because she could not safely perform such tasks.

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  • 10
  • November
  • 2016


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Serving Our Veterans

Taking some time this week to acknowledge and thank those employees who are serving or have served in the armed forces is a great way to generate good will in the workplace. It may also be a good time to make sure that your company is complying with the law when it comes to its treatment of its reservists and veterans.

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