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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

Has New York Become the New California for Employment Law?

In the last year, the Empire State has begun to give the Golden State some serious competition for being the most pro-employee state in the Union. Earlier this summer, for example, I wrote about New York’s new laws to address harassment in the workplace. Last week, Governor Cuomo signed two additional bills that expanded New York’s equal pay law.

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  • 25
  • July
  • 2019


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Political Animals in the Workplace

All of us are, by nature, political animals, according toAristotle’s essay on “Politics.” And it’s politics season again, even despite the distance to the next presidential election. For HR Managers, it won’t come as a surprise that employees have political opinions and that they vocalize them on social media. Many companies today have also taken public positions on political issues. The perennial question arises: What if an employee posts something on social media that does not accord with the company? What if an American-based (nonunion) nonpublic company takes a public stance on ICE’s immigration raids, and one of its managerial employees disagrees with the company’s position in a Facebook post? Can the company fire this employee or ask them to stop speaking against its official position? 

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Know the Facts Before Making a Decision

I recently coached a law student working at Vinson & Elkins for the summer that when she writes a legal memorandum, she should always start with a statement of the facts of the matter as she knows them. The reason for doing this is that if she makes a conclusion on the facts, but does not tell the reader what she believes the facts to be, there could be a misunderstanding. Sometimes associates are not provided all of the facts needed for their memorandum. We will catch that if the associate repeats back the facts in their memorandum. This is also good advice for a young lawyer when they first start writing opinions for clients, because clients may forget some important facts.

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  • 16
  • July
  • 2019


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California Outlaws (Some) Hair Discrimination

A couple of months ago, I discussed whether a company could terminate an employee who had dyed her hair pink. My conclusion was that employers could legally — at least for now — prohibit employees from having pink hair although I noted that employers were increasingly reconsidering prohibitions on hair color, tattoos and certain piercings which might have the effect of eliminating talented younger candidates from the applicant pool.

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