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DOJ Settles Enforcement Action Targeting “No Poach” Agreements

In our February post discussing this issue, we predicted that federal criminal antitrust prosecutions of no-poaching and no-hire agreements were on the near horizon due to the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division’s (“DOJ”) October 2016 guidance alerting companies and HR professionals to beware of the antitrust risk involved in hiring and compensation decisions. Making good on these warnings, the DOJ recently announced a settlement with two of the world’s largest rail equipment suppliers (Germany-based Knorr-Bremse AG (“Knorr”) and Delaware corporation Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (“Wabtec”)) to resolve allegations that the companies maintained long-standing agreements not to compete for employees.

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  • 10
  • May
  • 2018


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Frequent 15-Minute Breaks Under FMLA Are Non-Compensable

While a small number of states require employers to give non-exempt employees breaks, there is no such requirement under federal law. However, if an employer decides to allow employees to take short rest breaks, they must compensate them during the time. (Employers do not have to compensate employees for longer meal breaks so long as the employees are completely relieved from duty).

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  • 24
  • April
  • 2018


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DOL Clarifies Travel Time Regulations

One of the more complicated issues for payroll managers is determining when they must pay a non-exempt employee for their travel time. The rules for single day trips have always been fairly simple; most travel time (except ordinary home-to-work travel) is usually compensable, except for travel from an employee’s home to the airport, in which case, the clock starts when the employee arrives at the airport and stops when the employee returns to the airport in their home city. If the employee’s flight is delayed, the time is compensable.

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  • 17
  • April
  • 2018


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Why Employers Should be Concerned About Equal Pay

Consider this common scenario: You have interviewed multiple candidates for a management position in your company. Everyone agrees that the only female candidate who applied for the position is clearly the best candidate. You meet with her again and ask her what kind of salary it would take to persuade her to come to work for your company. She voluntarily discloses that she is currently making $80,000 and would like to earn $90,000. You would have been willing to offer her a salary of $110,000 because that is what you recently agreed to pay a similarly qualified male candidate, but you offer her $100,000 instead, thinking that you are already exceeding her expectations. She happily accepts.

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  • March
  • 2018


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Mind the Gap, Part II: Act Urgently on UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting

If you haven’t acted to submit your UK employee gender pay gap report, you probably aren’t alone: media reports suggest that only 1/6 of expected businesses have filed the required report. But covered businesses should not take a “safety in numbers” approach. With time until the deadline quickly running out, and the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission warning that it will be “fully enforcing” against non-compliant businesses, now is the time to prepare for the 5 April 2018 deadline.

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