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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

  • 18
  • December
  • 2019


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H-1B Registration Could Reduce Costs for Employers

Getting an H-1B visa for a new employee has never been easy. Any employer who has been through the process knows that putting together an application can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if they have never sought an H-1B for that particular position. Moreover, even after paying an attorney to prepare a petition, there is no guarantee that a visa will be available because the number of H-1B petitions has almost always exceeded the 85,000 cap (take last year as an example; approximately 190,000 petitions were filed). So even if you’re naturally lucky or a lottery winner, you should be aware that there is an increasing chance that you will receive a request for additional evidence or that your petition will be denied.

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  • 13
  • June
  • 2019


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Employment Laws Also Apply to Your Household Caretakers

When you are an employment lawyer who represents management, most of your clients are businesses that have human resources departments. From time to time, however, I am cornered by friends at ball games or cocktail parties who have questions about the individual caretakers who assist them in managing their house, children, and garden, or, for example, the home health aides who might take care of their parents. Do the employment laws that we talk about in this blog apply to them?

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  • 30
  • May
  • 2019


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The Return of the “No-Match” Letter

The last time a client of mine received a “No-Match” letter was in 2012, so I was somewhat surprised when multiple clients received letters from the Social Security Administration in only the last few weeks. Apparently, my clients were not alone. According to a New York Times story, over half a million employers received similar letters in the last couple of months.

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