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Managing the Modern Workplace
V&E International Labor & Employment Resources

  • 29
  • March
  • 2018


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The Perils of Dragging Out a Termination Decision

In the 2009 movie Up in the Air¸ George Clooney played a human resources consultant who specialized in “termination assistance.” While conducting employee layoffs and firings for other companies, Clooney travels the country, accumulating the highest frequent flier status on American Airlines. Clooney’s character has a job because his clients are scared to handle firings themselves. Although most companies handle their own terminations, unlike Hollywood’s portrayal of “high-flying” termination consultants, the employers’ “fear factor” highlighted in the film manifests in real life by sometimes causing companies to delay giving bad news to employees.

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HR Checklist for the New Year

As labor lawyers, we tend to think of our professional years as starting and ending on Labor Day. In order to celebrate the new Labor year, I intended to send this post early last week, but a storm called Harvey got in the way. So in belated celebration of the new Labor year, I now provide to you a checklist for the coming year as our New Year gift.

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Which Law Applies to International Employees Really Does Matter

When a company has workers around the world, be they employees or independent contractors, the company needs to give some thought to which country’s laws will apply to the company’s relationship with those workers. Choice of law issues are not easy. These issues need to be carefully considered at the outset of the relationship because there may be steps the company can take to select a favorable jurisdiction (or at least avoid a bad jurisdiction) and to make that selection stick.

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