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Managing the Modern Workplace
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The Nigerian Immigration Ban and its Potential Impact on Houston Employers

President Trump’s recent decision to add Nigeria to the restricted travel list not only surprised the Nigerian government, but also many Houston businesses that provide services for the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Houston also has the largest community of Nigerian immigrants in the country, which is also one of the most educated immigrant groups in the United States: 17 percent of Nigerians in the United States have master’s degrees and 4 percent have doctorates. Many Nigerians currently work in the Houston oil and gas sector and the Houston medical center.

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  • 06
  • February
  • 2020


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Watch It on Weight Issues in Washington

I recently had occasion to write about cities and states revisiting their laws related to obesity as a protected characteristic and the potential for liability for disability discrimination on the basis of perceived obesity. Case in point, on January 30, the Ninth Circuit overturned a district court’s grant of summary judgment against a job applicant on the basis that a jury could find that his prospective employer BNSF Railway Company’s perception that he was obese played a significant role in the company’s decision not to hire him, in violation of the Washington Law Against Discrimination (“WLAD”).

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Dealing with the Coronavirus in the Workplace

The general duty clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide a workplace which is “free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employee.” While it’s unlikely that OSHA inspectors are going to be scrutinizing how most employers — outside those in the health care industry — are handling the potential threat of the spread of the coronavirus, employers should start thinking about what steps they will take to minimize the threat of infection to their employees.

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  • 30
  • January
  • 2020


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New Jersey Warns Us to Watch for Mini-WARNs

We are all familiar with the federal WARN Act, which requires that employers give defined notices to employees ahead of certain layoffs or plant closings, but it is more difficult for employers to keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape of “Mini-WARN Acts” (the aptly nicknamed state laws that imitate the notice requirements of the WARN Act at the state level). Just last week, for example, New Jersey enacted significant amendments to its own Mini-WARN statute. New Jersey’s amendments go into effect July 19, 2020.

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  • 28
  • January
  • 2020


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Pointers for Working with Foreign Employment Counsel

Working with foreign employment counsel on a challenging employment issue can sometimes be a frustrating experience, particularly if the advice you receive on a proposed course of action is simply “no, you can’t do that under our law.” Here are some pointers for in-house lawyers and HR professionals to try to make the process of getting local law advice more productive and efficient.

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