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Managing the Modern Workplace
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Human Resources New Year’s Resolutions for the Donald, Ivanka, Andrew, and Carl Era

If you’re an HR manager, director, or vice president, you’ve probably not only got a pretty long holiday wish list, but also a fairly sizable list of New Year’s resolutions. It probably includes some of those pesky tasks that build up over the year—reorganizing and digitizing personnel files, compiling information for performance reviews, reviewing and updating software for third-party payroll platforms, and the like. Your to-do list probably also includes some new things, like preparing IRS filings under the Affordable Care Act for plan-year 2016 (due in March 2017).

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HR Directors – What’s On Your Holiday Wish List?

At this time of year, everyone makes lists. Gift wish lists and New Years’ resolutions are pretty common. But what about HR directors—what’s on your holiday wish list? From a people management perspective, you might want to have front-line supervisors that are given sufficient time to actually manage the people they’re in charge of. You might want better communication and integration between long-term business goals and the pressure to cut workforce-related costs. From a legal perspective, you might want better guidance from regulatory agencies, or perhaps even more tools from the government to help you understand the rules and how to apply them to your workforce.

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One Foot on a Banana Peel

Associating with a group with ties to violence anywhere in the world may now lead to liability here in the United States. Chiquita Brands — the banana and other produce grower and distributor — is being sued in a federal court in Florida by individuals who claim the company associated and conspired with a violent military organization in Colombia. The claim is that Chiquita’s association with the Columbian organization led to the murders of plaintiffs’ family members.

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  • 13
  • December
  • 2016


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New I-9 "Smart" Form is Actually a Smart Improvement

Turn a seasoned investigator from the Department of Labor or the Department of Homeland Security loose during an audit of an employer’s I-9 forms — the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration forms that employers are required to complete for new employees — and chances are that they will find some mistakes. Even some of the most diligent employers have incurred penalties for what most of us would consider minor errors. And when an audit really goes badly, an employer can face huge fines, debarment from federal contracts and, in some rare cases, a criminal investigation.

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  • 08
  • December
  • 2016


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Whistling Up a Storm: OSHA Finalizes Whistleblower Protection Rules for Seamen

OSHA recently finalized its rules for whistleblower protection complaints under the Seaman’s Protection Act (“the Act”). The Act, which was amended in 2010 in response to court cases holding that OSHA regulations did not generally apply to seamen on vessels,1 expands OSHA’s anti-retaliation jurisdiction to nearly all ocean-going employees.

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  • 06
  • December
  • 2016


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The First 100 Days: How Soon Will Workplace Regulations Change Under President Trump?

Under President Obama, a number of government agencies that regulate the workplace were particularly active. OSHA, the EEOC, the DOL, the NLRB and the OFCCP all reached out and touched a number of issues in the workplace. And in areas where the agency could not act, and Congress would not act, the President used executive orders to supplement formal regulation, particularly as to the workplaces of government contractors. The question we are asked, almost daily now, is what among all of those agency actions and executive orders will change in the Trump presidency and how quickly such change will occur.

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