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Managing the Modern Workplace
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And a Happy New Year to California Employers...

Last week, we talked here about some new challenges for New York employers in the new year, and how New York was in the running to supersede California as the toughest state for employers. Alas, notwithstanding the efforts of the New York legislature, California still retains its crown as the most challenging state for employers.

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  • December
  • 2019


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H-1B Registration Could Reduce Costs for Employers

Getting an H-1B visa for a new employee has never been easy. Any employer who has been through the process knows that putting together an application can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if they have never sought an H-1B for that particular position. Moreover, even after paying an attorney to prepare a petition, there is no guarantee that a visa will be available because the number of H-1B petitions has almost always exceeded the 85,000 cap (take last year as an example; approximately 190,000 petitions were filed). So even if you’re naturally lucky or a lottery winner, you should be aware that there is an increasing chance that you will receive a request for additional evidence or that your petition will be denied.

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  • December
  • 2019


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Unfortunately, A Bit of Ebenezer Is Needed When Giving Christmas Bonuses

Although they are not as common as they once were, employees in many workplaces still expect a bonus at this time of the year, and many employers, hoping to not disappoint, give their employees something like a fixed-dollar amount or the equivalent of one week’s base pay to celebrate the holiday season. While tradition can be a good thing, when it comes to bonuses (holiday or otherwise), employers often fail to consider the effect that regular bonuses may have on a non-exempt employee’s compensation if the employee has worked any overtime during the year.

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When Poorly Performing Employees Suddenly Get Sick

You finally sit down with an employee who has performed poorly for months, and you give him or her both a detailed performance improvement plan spelling out your expectations and a time frame by which they must demonstrate substantial improvement. The very next morning, the previously healthy employee calls in sick and soon thereafter requests medical leave, supported by a doctor’s excuse, to obtain treatment for work-induced stress and depression.

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