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Managing the Modern Workplace
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And a Happy New Year to California Employers...

Last week, we talked here about some new challenges for New York employers in the new year, and how New York was in the running to supersede California as the toughest state for employers. Alas, notwithstanding the efforts of the New York legislature, California still retains its crown as the most challenging state for employers.

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Whose Employees are They Anyway? DOL Issues New Rule on Joint Employers

Last week, the Department of Labor issued a new, final rule defining the test needed to determine joint employment status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The rule narrows the factors which agencies and courts should consider in finding this status, and it offers employers a certain amount of clarity on the doctrine. This adds to the continued attempt to divine the term “employee” under U.S. law that we have addressed in the past (e.g., here and here).

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  • 14
  • January
  • 2020


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One Promotion Too Far

As employment lawyers, we see all sorts of reasons for businesses deciding to terminate employees, ranging from gross misconduct to plant closures. But there is one scenario that comes up from time to time that always strikes me as a particularly unfortunate loss of talent – when a good employee gets promoted into a role they are simply not suited for.

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  • 07
  • January
  • 2020


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Caught Between a Rock (Labor Law) and a Hard Place (Employment Law)

What would you do if one morning you saw on the overtime volunteer list on your company bulletin board that an employee had handwritten across the top of the list the words “Whore Board?” I think I know: You would fire that employee, assuming you could identify who it was. However, what if this all happened in the context of a dispute over the assignment of overtime between your company, its union, and its employees? Would you still make the same choice?

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