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  • Climate Change Blog

    The blog covers a range of topics including federal GHG regulation, state regulation, climate change adaptation and international developments. 

    Environmental Blog

    Water quantity and quality present critical issues with growing demand and reduced supply both in the U.S. and abroad. The blog covers a broad range of topics including matters related to water rights, degradation, drought and scarcity, infrastructure and related laws and regulations.

    GiVE Back: V&E Pro Bono Blog

    In order to shine a light on the importance and impact of the work we will do, this blog will highlight V&E’s pro bono programming, hot topics in pro bono and legal services, and real-life client stories. Providing access to justice to those in need, and those organizations who serve them, is a hallmark of our profession and our firm, and what makes us proud to be lawyers.

    High-Tech Law and Litigation Blog

    The High-Tech Law and Litigation Blog offers regularly updated news and insights about legal developments affecting the world of technology.

    Labor & Employment Blog

    V&E’s labor and employment blog is intended to examine the evolving New International Workplace and the laws that apply to it. Each week, we will discuss new labor developments, chronicling the changes in the modern workplace, and how employment laws are evolving and being applied to it. 

    Lincoln's Law Blog

    Lincoln’s Law Blog (LLB) offers dynamic, continuously updated news and statistics on the False Claims Act. In addition to analysis offered by FCA practitioners, you’ll find close to “real time” updated FCA statistics, a jurisdictional heat map showing the most active circuits, as well as a breakdown by subject matter of the recoveries in each jurisdiction to date.