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Steven M. Abramowitz
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
Paul W. Dunbar
Partner — Private Equity, NPLs and Special Situations
The most rewarding part of my work is getting to know clients well and gaining their trust over the course of numerous transactions. You’re an essential part of each deal and in the long term, helping them achieve their goals.
Paul E. Heath
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
George Howard
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
David S. Meyer
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
Harry A. Perrin
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
Rebecca L. Petereit
Partner — Complex Commercial Litigation
William L. Wallander
Partner — Restructuring & Reorganization
Restructuring is figuring out how to most creatively and effectively resolve the issues, often through negotiating and pricing, sometimes via litigation when negotiations cannot achieve agreement, but in every case with zeal and determination to achieve our client’s goals. We’ve consistently represented our clients over the years in this manner, and we always appreciate the opportunity to serve them.
James J. Lee
Of Counsel — Restructuring & Reorganization
Bankruptcy litigation has an interesting, complex, ever-changing dynamic because the various parties are not always aligned on every issue. There’s a sense of urgency because resolution of the matters in dispute have consequences for the overall bankruptcy case. That’s what gets me excited about the work.
Of Counsel — Restructuring & Reorganization
Alice Brogi
Counsel — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
Bradley Foxman
Counsel — Restructuring & Reorganization