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Manuel Berrelez
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
To provide first-rate service to clients facing civil litigation or a government investigation, you first have to understand their business and industry. That is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job: working alongside the excellent lawyers at V&E and directly with our clients to learn everything we can about their business and help solve the complex legal issues they are facing.
Stephanie Noble
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Jason M. Powers
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
I want my clients to feel comfortable that I understand their business and where they're coming from. I want to learn what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. I talk to everyone I can, from the general counsel to the person in the field. You can’t write a brief or craft an argument that has the drama and verity of good storytelling unless you can tell the story in the client’s voice.
Nicholas Nathaniel Shum
Partner — Energy Litigation
Quentin L. Smith
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
James D. Thompson III
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
D. Ferguson McNiel
Senior Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
What I enjoy the most about litigation is that you are constantly learning about new issues that arise with each and every lawsuit. You gain confidence from each case and they make you better suited to handle the next case.
Michelle Arishita
Counsel — Commercial & Business Litigation
Matthew C. Hoffman
Counsel — Commercial & Business Litigation
Jamie Leader
Counsel — Commercial & Business Litigation
Jennifer Mansh
Counsel — Energy Regulation
Washington, D.C.
Reagan Lutter
Associate — Energy Regulation