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Ryan Carney
Partner — Tax
I enjoy partnering with my clients to help them understand complex tax issues and solve tax problems in creative ways. The added bonus of my practice is that I get to work with great people both inside and outside the firm.
Lina Dimachkieh
Partner — Tax
I love the intricacy of the tax code, and the fact that everything I do is like a little puzzle. I take the facts and I take the law and I say, 'How do I fit these together to get the best result for the client?' It can be challenging, but it’s always interesting. I’m helping people get the business deals that they want done in a timely, effective and efficient manner.
John A. Kupiec
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
What I enjoy about my job is developing a relationship of trust with my clients as they navigate strategically important transactions. Over time, I’ve become someone who clients engage when they need someone to dig in to a complex and “first of its kind” situation—but with a practical and friendly approach.
E. Ramey Layne
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
Brenda Lenahan
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
After representing a company in an offering or other transaction, you often become a general resource for their ongoing legal needs and help quarterback the relationship. I love that collaboration and the feeling that I’m making a difference in helping a management team achieve its goals.
Bryan E. Loocke
Partner — Energy Transactions
Often the deals I work on are not only complex, they are career-making transactions for my clients. We are just as focused as they are on getting that deal done, and getting it done correctly.
John E. Lynch
Partner — Tax
When I work on large, multifaceted transactions, my goal is to find practical solutions to complex tax issues that fit within my client’s commercial framework. I enjoy the challenge of balancing all of the competing interests and concerns.
Jason L. McIntosh
Partner — Tax
I love the collaborative, creative and diverse nature of my practice. I enjoy working with broad teams of clients and other advisors from a wide range of industries, both domestically and around the world.
Douglas E. McWilliams
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
Sarah K. Morgan
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
One of the things I like best about my work is that I get to be deeply involved in my clients’ businesses. I like developing close relationships with my clients and then working with them to find creative and efficient ways to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.
David Peck
Partner — Tax
What I like most about my practice is the people. Transactional lawyers across the firm and their clients rely heavily on tax support, so those of us in the tax group get to meet and interact with so many people and work on a large variety of transactions. I love making personal connections and it’s great to help other lawyers and their clients.
Scott D. Rubinsky
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
I love the collaborative nature of my work. I like getting to know clients on a personal level, and learning about their businesses and what’s important to them. This helps me provide the best legal advice I can offer over the long term.