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Michael E. Bielby
Partner — Finance
The most interesting part for me is learning about how both my lender and borrower clients make money. Learning about their businesses, how they achieve success, and how they plan to continue that success. That understanding allows me to offer better counsel on a given transaction.
Lauren Collins
Partner — Tax
Los Angeles
Renewable projects and business models involve complex technologies, counter-parties, and tax structures. I provide tax counsel on both the tax equity and project developer side to help clients navigate these challenges. I particularly enjoy working closely with my clients to adapt traditional project development and finance methods to suit their unique business models and close on their financing transactions.
Sean Moran
Partner — Tax
As technology and power generation have continued to evolve and grow exponentially, we have evolved as well by innovating financial and legal structuring and finding solutions that are embraced by all stakeholders in the zero and carbon neutral power space.
Sarah K. Morgan
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
One of the things I like best about my work is that I get to be deeply involved in my clients’ businesses. I like developing close relationships with my clients and then working with them to find creative and efficient ways to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.
Eamon Nolan
Partner — Project Development & Finance
Project development and finance is largely an exercise in problem solving – every project faces its own unique set of extremely complex challenges. We are fortunate to have clients that trust us to help them overcome those challenges with the development of what is usually a fundamentally important piece of infrastructure that serves a community or region.
Aaron Prince
Partner — Energy Transactions & Projects
I help clients structure transactions that are protective of their investments and objectives and also work for all involved. This is particularly important in renewable energy transactions and often requires creativity because commercial and tax considerations need to be carefully balanced.
Karen A. Smith
Partner — Project & Infrastructure Finance
I've seen the practice of project finance evolve from serving mostly power-focused clients in the U.S. to encompassing a wide breadth of infrastructure projects around the world. I bring my deep experience, and my hands-on approach, to every transaction.
Counsel — Energy Transactions & Projects
Los Angeles
Simone M. King
Counsel — Project & Infrastructure Finance
Counsel — Energy Transactions & Projects
Los Angeles
Collin Z Groebe
Senior Associate — Finance
Sam Boyer
Associate — Energy Transactions & Projects