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Patrick K. Breeland
Partner — Private Investment Funds
A lot of the value that someone in my position brings to the client is experience. Because of the volume of transactions that I have handled, I understand the market. I can tell clients, 'Here's what general partners are asking for. Here’s what limited partners are getting.'
Mark Early
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
I’m a problem solver. I like puzzles. I enjoy bringing two sides together in complicated transactions.
Daniel LeBey
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
I represent a wide variety of clients, but there’s one common theme among my best clients: creative, hard-working people who have a vision and the drive to make that vision reality. It’s fun to help clients like that realize the dream they’ve created from inception through the whole business life cycle.
Brenda Lenahan
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
After representing a company in an offering or other transaction, you often become a general resource for their ongoing legal needs and help quarterback the relationship. I love that collaboration and the feeling that I’m making a difference in helping a management team achieve its goals.
Christopher Mangin
Partner — Tax
I enjoy the opportunity to help clients comprehend and navigate the tax aspects of achieving their business goals in a way that is understandable, practical, and commercial.
David Peck
Partner — Tax
What I like most about my practice is the people. Transactional lawyers across the firm and their clients rely heavily on tax support, so those of us in the tax group get to meet and interact with so many people and work on a large variety of transactions. I love making personal connections and it’s great to help other lawyers and their clients.
Michael K. Pierce
Partner — Private Investment Funds
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to be involved with funds or companies at inception or at a fairly early stage of their existence. It’s very satisfying for me to see them succeed, and to hopefully have played a role in helping them get there.
Wallace L. Schwartz
Partner — Real Estate
The best compliment is when a client relies on my advice when making key decisions. I believe that clients trust and respect my advice because I work hard to understand their business and their goals.
Robert Seber
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
What matters most in private equity, and fund formation in particular, is to solve complex issues in creative ways that allow the parties to work together for years. We are very good at that.
Christian E. Mathiesen
Counsel — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
Claire Smyser Campbell
Senior Associate — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
Carson M. Dimick
Senior Associate — Private Investment Funds