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Alden L. Atkins
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
The key to successfully representing a client in a dispute is to thoroughly understand my client’s business. That way, I can understand my client’s goals and needs, and what motivates the actions of people and companies. That helps me better formulate a strategy to achieve my client’s goals, develop themes and arguments for our case, and effectively examine and cross-examine witnesses. By deeply understanding the underlying business, industry and technical matters, I know when an opponent’s arguments or a witness’s testimony just don’t make sense.
Damara Chambers
Partner — National Security Reviews (CFIUS), Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Jennifer C. Chen
Partner — Intellectual Property
David B. Cohen
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity
S. Gregory Cope
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
John S. Decker
Partner — Energy Regulation
I like that my practice involves building energy infrastructure. Our clients are developing or expanding their businesses, and our help—whether guiding them through the regulatory process or setting up and implementing transactions—allows them to put steel in the ground.
Michael S. Dry
Partner — Government Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense
In what I do, there are clear winners and clear losers. I’m often entrusted with preserving someone’s freedom or a company’s very existence, so I’m committed to moving the chess pieces around so that my clients are on the winning side.
Daniel P. Graham
Partner — Government Contracts
One of the things I find fascinating about my job is the public policy component of everything I do. My clients have contracts with government agencies that are all trying to advance a public policy goal. One day I might be working on a matter involving a reconnaissance satellite and the next on a case involving a Medicare program. I'm dealing with the contracts that make public policy goals achievable.
Christopher C. Green
Partner — Capital Markets and Mergers & Acquisitions
I particularly enjoy the opportunity our practice affords to work with highly entrepreneurial individuals as they lay the building blocks for vibrant and sustainable businesses. It is especially rewarding to serve as a trusted legal adviser to those clients throughout the life-cycle of those businesses.
George C. Hopkins
Partner — Environmental & Natural Resources
Gary R. Huffman
Partner — Tax
To be a really effective tax lawyer, you have to have a very high level of technical competence but also be able to contextualize matters for your clients—to explain complex tax issues in a way that makes sense so that they can make the right business decisions. I love working with my clients to help them do that.
David R. Johnson
Partner — Government Contracts, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, and National Security Reviews (CFIUS)
Government contractors and global businesses operate in a complicated landscape. Our team has a rare depth of experience because we've spent years helping a diverse client base with contract disputes, challenges navigating export controls and economic sanctions issues, and matters implicating U.S. national security. We thrive on helping our clients succeed in a challenging environment.