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Patrick K. Breeland
Partner — Private Investment Funds
A lot of the value that someone in my position brings to the client is experience. Because of the volume of transactions that I have handled, I understand the market. I can tell clients, 'Here's what general partners are asking for. Here’s what limited partners are getting.'
Eric Groten
Partner — Environmental & Natural Resources
Some days, I’m in federal district court defending enforcement cases, or in dialogue with EPA and DOJ and NGO lawyers to resolve them. Some days, at clients’ operations, working through their permitting strategies in support of development plans, or investigating compliance issues. So I get to do most things lawyers do, but with a focus on obligations imposed by the laws governing air quality.
Michael A. Heidler
Partner — Appellate
Appellate work is like solving a puzzle. The puzzle pieces are typically contracts, testimony and other trial evidence, cases, statutes, regulations, and rules. The skilled appellate lawyer will arrange the pieces in a way that achieves the client’s objective.
J. Wesley Jones
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
My passion is working with smart people who have good ideas in the tech space. I enjoy advising emerging companies with cool technology; I can see what they’re trying to accomplish and help them get there in the best way possible, whether it’s growing their business, raising money or ultimately selling their business. I understand what the client is asking for because I’ve also been the client.
Milam Foster Newby
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
Jennifer B. Poppe
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
The client should have the utmost confidence. They should know their case is being properly managed by the best team possible, that their best interest is our top priority, and that we are putting all of our efforts into meeting their objective, efficiently, in the most cost-effective way.
Hilary L. Preston
Partner — Intellectual Property
Marisa Secco
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
I'm an aggressive litigator who's not afraid to take a case to court. Whether a case ends up in trial or we pursue a settlement, my goal is always to reach a quick, favorable, and strategic resolution for my clients.
Paul R. Tobias
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets
I have dedicated my career to working with talented technology entrepreneurs, C-level executives and investors to scale their businesses and tackle any challenges that arise as they innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is fascinating, rewarding work, and I consider it a privilege to help leaders in the technology world achieve their goals.
Michael J. Tomsu
Partner — Energy Regulation
I bring a wealth and depth of information that can only be gained through more than 30 years of experience helping my clients meet their ever-evolving needs in the electricity, telecom, oil and gas, or water space. I’ve built strong relationships at the regulatory agencies and have demonstrated that we are solid partners working to achieve exemplary results.
Wesley C. Watts
Partner — Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital
Sarah E. Fortt
Counsel — Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets