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L. Prentiss Cutshaw
Partner — Real Estate
I like the tangible nature of real estate, as opposed to businesses that merge in and out of existence. I like to be able to drive down the road and see a building that I’ve helped acquire, helped lease and then sold.
Adam M. Endick
Partner — Real Estate
Paul A. Martin
Partner — Real Estate
James S. Meyer
Partner — Tax
Tax touches everything. Any business transaction has a tax component to it. I enjoy coming up with solutions on the best ways to structure business transactions and arrangements to help my clients achieve their business goals.
Russell W. Oshman
Partner — Real Estate
The clients for whom I work are smart, talented real estate investors engaged in interesting deals from coast to coast. My goal is to understand their objectives and seek the methods to achieve them. One thing I like about real estate is that the end result is something you can actually see—you can go to the building that was built, bought, sold or financed.
Julia E. Sanabria
Partner — Real Estate
I try to be as practical as possible in terms of what’s most important to my client and what we’re willing to negotiate. I work hard to win the points that will make a difference and not get caught up in winning for the sake of winning.
Wallace L. Schwartz
Partner — Real Estate
The best compliment is when a client relies on my advice when making key decisions. I believe that clients trust and respect my advice because I work hard to understand their business and their goals.
David G. Wall
Partner — Condemnation & Eminent Domain
Jenn R. Cooley
Counsel — Real Estate
E. Scot Dixon
Counsel — Real Estate
Ellis Glenn Koury
Counsel — Real Estate