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Trademark Litigation

A highly visible tool to engage customers and suppliers, trademarks are among the most valuable intellectual property assets a company owns. Ever-increasing globalization and online commerce demand the protection of assets, such as brands, product names, logos, and slogans. Vinson & Elkins’ Trademark Litigation lawyers help clients create, protect, and maximize trademark value through a variety of creative protection and enforcement strategies.

We represent clients with trademark portfolios in the U.S. and throughout the world in diverse industries, such as oil and gas, health care, insurance, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, food, manufacturing, and publishing. Our protection strategies include trademark portfolio management and, where appropriate, innovative licensing programs. Our enforcement strategies include robust state and federal court infringement, dilution, and unfair competition actions, where our team leads all phases of ligation to protect and enforce our clients’ trademarks. Besides litigation, we also initiate and manage cancellation and opposition proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and domain name arbitration proceedings before the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to enforce our clients’ trademark and service mark rights.



文森艾爾斯客戶包括美國及世界各地擁有商標組合的企業,產業領域涵蓋石油天然氣、醫療保健、保險、電信、電腦軟硬體、食品、製造和出版業。我們保障客戶權益之策略包含建議客戶採取商標組合管理及適時地進行創新授權方案。在商標權維護方面,我們幫助客戶積極地在州及聯邦法院提起商標侵權、淡化和不公平競爭訴訟。我們亦協助客戶在美國商標審理暨上訴委員會席前提起商標撤銷和異議程序,以及在網際網路名稱與號碼指配組織 (ICANN)席前協助客戶進行網域名稱仲裁,進而維護客戶的商標暨服務標章權利。

Additional Information

Additional Information

Practice Highlights

  • (W.D. Tex.) – Obtained a permanent injunction on behalf of a Texas brewing company in a trademark infringement lawsuit against a California-based company
  • (N.D. Tex.) — Represented a sunscreen and skin care products company in a claim for declaratory relief regarding alleged trade dress infringement; successfully defended a motion for temporary injunction followed by a prompt favorable settlement
  • (N.D. Tex.) — Represented a wireless communications provider with its own wireless network in a trademark dilution, trademark infringement, and DMCA exemption case; prevailed in rulings on motion for summary judgment that led to favorable settlement
  • (S.D. Tex.); (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) — Successfully handled a trademark case to enforce our client's rights in a mark for use in connection with offshore oil equipment and services; after suit was filed, the other side quickly agreed to our client's demands regarding ownership and use of the mark; we obtained injunction as part of the settlement, and successfully petitioned the Trademark Office to reinstate our client's trademark registration
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Represented a specialty foods manufacturer in a trademark opposition case and dilution case; prevailed in the opposition proceeding and obtained the trademark registration
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Represented a valve manufacturer in trade dress and trademark infringement case; obtained preliminary injunction and then settled case on terms similar to preliminary injunction
  • Represented a food manufacturer in false advertising dispute before National Advertising Division of Better Business Bureau
  • (C.D. Cal.) — Represented defendant, a biotechnology company specializing in the production of algae in a false designation and trademark infringement case; negotiated a prompt and favorable settlement
  • (S.D. Tex.) — Represented an oilfield equipment company in trademark infringement; obtained agreed injunction by way of settlement after completion of expert discovery

Practice Highlights

  • (美國德州北區聯邦地區法院)、(第五巡迴上訴法院) — 在某商標刑事案件中擔任庭審律師,經聯邦法院陪審團三星期的審理後,針對98項指控皆獲判無罪;在政府向第五巡迴上訴法院提出之上訴審中亦成功獲判無罪。
  • (美國馬里蘭州聯邦地區法院、美國伊利諾州北區聯邦地區法院) — 代表某全國性汽車保險公司保護其全球著名商標的價值和顯著性,致力於法庭內外阻止侵權和淡化使用。
  • (美國德州北區聯邦地區法院) — 在一被控侵害商品外觀的確認之訴中,代表某防曬護膚產品公司;成功地阻退對造臨時禁制令之聲請,並得以迅速達成有利和解。
  • (美國德州北區聯邦地區法院) — 在一商標淡化、商標侵權及依數位千禧年著作權《The Digital Millennium Copyright Act》主張豁免的案件中代表某自有無線網路之無線通訊供應商;本案聲請簡易判決獲准,進而促成有利和解。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院)、(商標審理暨上訴委員會) — 成功地維護客戶在離岸石油開採設備和服務上使用其商標及服務標章的權利;對造於起訴後即同意客戶對該商標所有權和使用該商標的主張;本案達成和解並獲准禁制令,另外客戶得以於商標局回復其商標登記。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) — 在一商標異議暨商標淡化案中代表某特產食品製造商;在贏得異議程序後順利取得商標登記。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) —,為某控制閥製造商在商品外觀和商標侵權訴訟案中獲准臨時禁制令,嗣後以與臨時禁制令類似的條件達成和解。
  • 代表某食品製造商就不實廣告之指控於商業改進局廣告部進行相關程序。
  • (美國加州中區聯邦地區法院) — 代表被告,一專門生產海藻的生物科技公司,進行關於不實標示和商標侵權訴訟,透過協商迅速達成有利於客戶的和解。
  • (美國德州南區聯邦地區法院) — 為某油田設備公司進行商標侵權訴訟;該案在完成專家取證階段後經由和解取得禁制令。

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