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Vinson & Elkins’ nationally recognized Antitrust and Competition law practice brings clients more than 50 years of experience handling every aspect of antitrust, including grand jury investigations into cartel conduct, joint ventures, global mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation, and antitrust investigations, which have involved monopolization, exclusive dealing, tying, boycotts, and unfair trade practices under state and federal laws.

We have a team of lawyers located throughout the country dedicated to handling antitrust matters for our multinational and domestic clients across a wide array of industries. V&E's interdisciplinary approach leverages the skills and experience of our Litigation, White-Collar Defense, Intellectual Property, Corporate, Appellate, and Securities practices to provide thorough representation and optimum results for our clients.

Scope of Practice

Our Antitrust lawyers provide pre-litigation counseling to clients on highly complex mergers, acquisitions, and competitor collaborations. Additionally, we are among the leading firms in filing pre-merger notifications in the U.S. and under multi-jurisdictional merger control regimes, and we lead some of the largest and most complex transactions to successful closings. When necessary, our core team of seasoned litigators is prepared to aggressively defend claims in state and federal courts, as well as investigations and enforcement proceedings before the Federal Trade Commission, the DOJ’s Antitrust Division, federal regulatory agencies, and state attorneys general.

Experienced Team

V&E’s strong reputation rests on our lawyers’ successful defense of bet-the-company claims in governmental actions, putative class actions by direct and indirect purchasers, and claims brought by opt-out plaintiffs throughout the country, in both federal and state courts. Our success results from an Antitrust team with significant government and regulatory experience, including former DOJ prosecutors and proven trial lawyers able to effectively defend companies and individuals summoned before grand juries or indicted for alleged antitrust offenses. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the approaches, arguments, and economics necessary to see a transaction through to approval by the appropriate regulatory agencies. We also aggressively represent clients when their businesses are injured by anti-competitive conduct — including a victory amounting to the largest antitrust jury verdict of its time, totaling a $1.035 billion judgment with a net amount of $425 million ultimately received by the client.








    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Practice Highlights

    • (W.D. Tex.) — Representing Phadia US Inc. against federal and state antitrust violations and state tortious interference claims; the case, brought by Allergy & Asthma in Primary Care and United Allergy Services (UAS), alleges our client intimidated primary care physicians from practicing allergy care within their scope of practice, coercing and persuading allergist colleagues to boycott primary care physicians; the outcome of the case will affect how physicians and testing companies compete in the market for allergy testing and allergen immunotherapy in Texas and beyond 
    • Representing a major airline in investigations by the DOJ and state AG’s into allegations that the airlines colluded to restrict capacity in order to maintain higher fares; we also represent the airline in parallel putative class action lawsuits filed across the country, and we are advising them in connection with litigation in Canada 
    • (S.D. Tex.) — Represented Heartbrand Beef, Inc. against claims of conspiracy to restrain trade and monopolization in the market for premium beef in the United States; after a seven-day trial, the jury found in favor of the client, awarding both actual and exemplary damages
    • Southwest Airlines in its $3.4 billion acquisition of AirTran Holdings
    • (N.D. Cal.); (9th Cir.) — Obtained a substantial victory for technology client upholding the district court’s denial of class certification in the In re Optical Disk Drive Products antitrust litigation
    • Represented Permian Mud Service in its sale of Champion Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s largest makers of oilfield chemicals, to Ecolab Inc. for approximately $2.2 billion
    • (N.D. Ga.) — Representing an airline in a multi-district antitrust litigation brought by a putative class of passengers alleging price fixing of checked baggage fees
    • Represented a leading automobile parts supplier and its affiliates in the Department of Justice’s automotive parts investigation
    • (N.D. Cal.); (S.D. Tex.) — Representing a global manufacturer of titanium dioxide in a matter pertaining to ongoing titanium dioxide antitrust litigation; the case, brought by an individual company and an alleged nationwide class of indirect purchasers of titanium dioxide, alleges our client and others conspired to fix the prices of titanium dioxide sold in the U.S. during a certain time period; the cases are currently in discovery
    • (Tex. Dist.) — Represented health care system in private civil lawsuits brought by two physicians alleging Section 1 violations associated with the implementation of new credentialing requirements which resulted in the termination of medical staff privileges for the two plaintiffs; both lawsuits were settled favorably on behalf of client
    • Represented a foreign corporation in a DOJ investigation of criminal international antitrust violations, including price-fixing and global market allocation in the maritime construction industry; client was not charged and ancillary civil litigation was resolved favorably
    • (N.D. Ohio) — Obtained dismissal of antitrust claims brought against a major commercial air carrier against class action and opt-out claims of conspiracy and price-fixing regarding travel agent commissions

    Practice Highlights

    • (テキサス州西部地区) — 連邦・州の独占禁止法違反及び州の不正な妨害行為に関する申立てにおいて、Phadia US社の代理人を務めています。この事件は、当事務所の依頼人が診療業務の範囲内でアレルギー治療を行わないようプライマリー・ケア医師達を威圧し、アレルギー専門医にプライマリー・ケア医師達を排斥するよう強要・説得したとしてAllergy & Asthma in Primary CareとUnited Allergy Services (UAS)が訴えを起こしたものです。本件の裁決は、テキサス州内外におけるアレルギー検査及びアレルゲン免疫療法市場において医師や検査業者が今後どのように競争するかを左右するでしょう。
    • 主要航空会社が高額な運賃を維持するために共謀してキャパシティを制限したという疑惑に関して米国司法省と州司法長官が実施中の調査について、航空会社の一社の弁護を担っています。また同時に、米国各地で提起された暫定クラスアクションにおいても当該航空会社の代理人を務めるほか、カナダでの訴訟に関しても助言を提供しています。
    • (テキサス州南部地区) — 米国の高級牛肉市場における取引制限及び独占行為について共謀したとの申立てに関し、Heartbrand Beef社の代理人を務めました。7日間の審理を経て、陪審員は依頼人を勝訴とし、現実損害の賠償及び懲罰的損害賠償の両方を認めました。
    • AirTran Holdings, Inc.の34億ドルでの買収案件においてSouthwest Airlinesの代理人を務めました。
    • (カリフォルニア州北部地区)(第9巡回区) — 光ディスクドライブ製品の独占禁止法訴訟に関して連邦地方裁判所が下したクラス認可の拒絶を支持する判決を得て、テクノロジー企業である依頼人の実質的勝訴を獲得しました。
    • Permian Mud Service社が、世界最大手の油田用化学薬品メーカーChampion Technologies社を約22億ドルでEcolab社に売却する案件に関して、Permian Mud Service社の代理業務を務めました。
    • (ジョージア州北部地区) —預け荷物の料金に関する価格協定があったとして、推定上の乗客クラスが提起した複数地区にまたがる独占禁止法違反訴訟について、航空会社の代理人を務めています。
    • 大手自動車部品サプライヤー及びその関連会社の代理人として、米国司法省による自動車部品案件の調査対応を手がけました。
    • (カリフォルニア州北部地区)(テキサス州南部地区) — 係属中の二酸化チタンに関する独占禁止法訴訟に関わる事件において、世界的な二酸化チタンメーカーの代理人を務めています。本件は、当事務所の依頼人が他社と共謀して米国内で販売される二酸化チタンの価格を一定期間固定したとして、一企業及び全米の二酸化チタンの間接購買者クラスが提起したものです。現在訴訟は、証拠開示手続の段階です。
    • 米国内外の政府当局が調査中の独占禁止法案件において、国際企業とその米国関連会社の代理人を務めています。本件の調査対象には、世界規模の航空・海上輸送市場に関わるカルテル行為と価格協定が含まれており、関連市場の評価、取引額及び発生し得る損害などが主な争点になっています。
    • (テキサス地区) — 医師2名を原告とする私的民事訴訟で、これら医師2名の医療従事者特権を打ち切ることとなった新たな資格認定要件の施行が第1条違反にあたるとして医療制度を訴えた事件において、医療制度側の弁護を務めました。いずれの訴訟も依頼人に有利な条件で和解が成立しました。
    • 海洋建設業界の価格協定と世界的市場分割等に関して、米国司法省が実施した国際的独占禁止法違反の刑事審査において、外国法人の代理人を務めました。依頼人は告訴されず、付随する民事訴訟も依頼人勝訴で終結しました。
    • (オハイオ州北部地区) — 主要民間航空会社に対して提起された独占禁止法違反の申立てについて、旅行代理店のコミッションに関する共謀及び価格協定のクラスアクション及びオプトアウト請求の訴え却下判決を勝ち取りました。