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Will Trespass Claims for Hydraulic Fracturing Remain Triumphant Over the Rule of Capture in Pennsylvania? An Oil and Gas Operator Seeks Reconsideration in Briggs

In oil and gas law, it is well-settled that the “rule of capture” holds that there is no liability for a mineral rights owner’s drainage of oil and gas from another person’s land so long as the oil and gas is produced from a well bottomed on the mineral owner’s property and all relevant statutes and regulations have been observed. The rule shields exploration and production operators from liability for a trespass when they extract oil and gas below ground from another person’s land, unlike the case where a prospector extracts hard minerals such as coal or precious metals such as gold or silver. The application of the rule of capture to extraction of oil and gas and not to hard or precious minerals is due in large measure to the “fugitive and wandering” nature of oil and gas.

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