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Experience Highlights

  • Advised a water technology client in first-of-its-kind reclamation technology in its first public/private arrangement

  • Represented companies involved in purchasing and recycling wastewater from publically owned treatment works for use in industrial applications, including public/private partnership endeavors

  • Provided guidance to clients with regard to easements and pipelines associated with water from coal sites, hydraulic fracturing sites, and stormwater in matters across the United States

  • Surveyed and analyzed legal issues related to water issues arising from hydraulic fracturing for a multinational construction and engineering company involved in numerous power, oil, and water endeavors

  • Permitted a water line across BLM lands in which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deferred to BLM as the lead agency to prepare the EA and FONSI

  • Represented navigation interests in obtaining permits for a major port expansion, including channel deepening, that required an EIS under NEPA, as well as implicated ESA, NHPA, and the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act

  • Permitted numerous pipelines, including for a major petrochemical plant to ship products from Corpus Christi to Houston across numerous rivers, streams, and wetlands with various endangered species issues 

  • Permitted numerous residential and commercial developments, including levee and drainage projects with flood plain delineation issues, wetlands, endangered species, historic, and cultural resources 

  • Represented various electric generation facilities on issues concerning water supply, cooling water reservoirs, and application of intake requirements under Section 316(b) of the CWA 

  • Represented a major west coast municipality in water supply issues