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Environmental Blog

  • 25
  • October
  • 2016


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EPA Wants CWA Section 316(b) Rule Left in Place Unchanged

Environmental groups were not entirely satisfied with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Cooling Water Intake Structure Rule promulgated under section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) in 2014. As previously discussed, this case has seen a heavy degree of venue shopping, with challenges initially being filed in six circuits, consolidation of those challenges in the Fourth Circuit, only to then to have the case transferred to the Second Circuit upon urging from environmental groups.

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White House Announces Another Plank in its Environmental Platform - Plan for a Sustainable Water Future

As it looks down the home stretch of its second term, the Obama Administration has been steadily ramping up measures to solidify its environmental legacy, particularly with its climate change agenda. Linked to its climate change measures is a recent Administration announcement of a program for addressing challenges with the use, conservation, and availability of water in the United States. The White House believes that the country will experience more frequent, intense, and longer droughts because of climate change impacts.

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  • 05
  • August
  • 2015

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Colorado's Interbasin Compact Committee Releases "Seven Points" for Negotiating New Transmountain Diversions: A New Paradigm or Potential Impediment to Mega Projects?

A long-standing controversy in Colorado involves the diversion of water supplies from the Colorado River System for use by cities and farms on the Front Range. The second draft of Colorado’s Water Plan, released last month, includes a revised “conceptual framework” for future negotiations over development of new transmountain diversions (TMDs).

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  • 04
  • August
  • 2015

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SWIFT Funds Start Flowing

Last week, the Texas Water Development Board awarded $3.9 billion for water infrastructure projects as part of the inaugural round of loans from the State Water Implementation Fund (SWIFT). Twenty-one state entities will receive financial assistance for thirty-two projects identified as recommended water strategies the 2012 State Water Plan. 

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