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Environmental Blog

  • 03
  • August
  • 2017


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TCEQ Developing New Temperature Screening Procedures for Wastewater Discharge Permitting

Last Thursday, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) convened a stakeholder meeting to discuss how it plans to ensure compliance with the temperature criteria in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards through the wastewater discharge permitting process. The updated “implementation procedures” shared by TCEQ at the meeting, when finalized, could result in TCEQ adding permit conditions to existing wastewater discharge permits.

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  • 13
  • October
  • 2016

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Mississippi v. Tennessee: Are Aquifers "Interstate Waters"?

A dispute in the United States Supreme Court between Mississippi and Tennessee may have lasting effects on interstate water law. The primary issue is whether an aquifer that crosses state lines should be considered “interstate waters,” subject to the doctrine of equitable apportionment. Equitable apportionment is used by the Court to resolve interstate disputes over surface water. But, the Court has never applied this doctrine to ground water, which has traditionally been viewed as an intrastate matter.

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