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Law Firm Defense

Experience Highlights

  • (Texas Supreme Court) — Affirmed a take-nothing summary judgment in clients’ favor, based on no-evidence of causation in an alleged trial and transactional malpractice case

  • (U.S. 5th Circuit, E.D. Tex.) — Reversed and rendered trial court’s refusal to apply the attorney immunity doctrine to alleged negligent misrepresentation claims against trial lawyers

  • (U.S. 5th Circuit, N.D. Tex.) — Dismissal with prejudice, affirmed by Court of Appeals, of all claims brought against court-appointed receiver and receiver’s law firm

  • (Bankr. N.D. Tex.) — Partial summary judgment for law firm in professional liability suit by bankruptcy trustee alleging malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and aiding and abetting

  • (Tex. App. − Dallas) — Affirmed dismissal of claims against international law firm in dispute over use of $65 million tax deduction, based on no personal jurisdiction over the law firm and its partner

  • (Delaware Supreme Court) — Affirmed dismissal of all claims based on the statute of limitations in case alleging law firm’s advice caused plaintiff to pay over $107 million more in a cash-out merger transaction

  • (Tex. Dist. − Dallas County) — Summary judgment on all of plaintiffs’ malpractice and negligent misrepresentation claims against law firm arising from real-estate transaction

  • (Tex. Dist. − Harris County) Complete summary judgment on plaintiff’s litigation-malpractice claims against lawyer and law firm, including judgment on counterclaim for firm’s unpaid attorneys’ fees