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Foreign Investment Law & Nationality Planning

Experience Highlights

  • Successfully represented El Paso International Company defending against Argentina’s application to annul the ICSID award in El Paso’s favor; the annulment was dismissed affirming our client’s award

  • Represented two investors in linked arbitrations against a Southeast Asian State — one under a bilateral investment treaty (ICSID Rules) and one under a multilateral investment agreement (UNCITRAL Rules); the claims arise out of an investment in the banking sector

  • Represented two upstream investors in Ecuador in connection with government attempts at forced conversion of PSAs on four blocks to service contracts, and in relation to expropriatory tax legislation, and advising under production sharing agreements and relevant bilateral investment treaties

  • Represented a U.S. company bringing claims against the Republic of Ecuador under an Ecuador-United States bilateral investment treaty; the claims resulted from state interference in the claimant’s operation of two power barges

  • Representing consortia of international and domestic companies in two arbitrations arising out of a hugely successful oil field offshore India in connection with a series of profit sharing disputes with the Government of India; these are collectively valued at just short of $1 billion, and have spawned significant satellite litigation in the courts of both India and Malaysia

  • Acted for the Republic of Poland in a claim brought by Eureko BV under the Netherlands-Poland bilateral investment treaty. The dispute arose out of the cancellation of the second phase of privatisation of a large insurance company

  • Represented a foreign investor in India’s 2G licensing round in connection with contractual and investor-state claims made under the relevant license and bilateral investment protection treaty resulting from the state’s cancellation post-award of 22 mobile telephony licenses and failure to refund license fees or pay compensation

  • Represented a North American investor in LCIA arbitration against Armenia over breach of investment agreement and BIT claims

  • Represented a UK investor in a claim to be brought in respect of an upstream oil and gas project against an East European State under the terms of its foreign investment law

  • Representing investors in expropriation and unfair treatment claim against the Republic of Costa Rica under the Dominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement (“DR-CAFTA”)