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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

V&E’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) taskforce is dedicated to helping companies proactively understand, manage, and, where appropriate, disclose ESG risk factors within their operations. Covering a broad range of topics and issues, including climate change, clean and sustainable energy, human rights, cybersecurity, and investor relations, the taskforce draws upon significant capabilities in our governance, environmental, and labor and employment teams, working in a cross-disciplinary fashion not observed in other firms.

Our team regularly assists clients with the full scope of ESG issues, including:

  • Critically analyzing ESG risk profiles through our understanding of the relevant frameworks, guidelines, and rating systems
  • Working with clients to form and restructure internal core ESG teams, identify gaps or overlaps in responsibilities and duties, and provide training to the core ESG team
  • Conducting ESG due diligence
  • Engaging with investors on ESG issues, including assessing public ESG positions and investor engagement programs
  • Working with clients to disclose key ESG information, including the coordination of reporting climate scenario analyses, required financial disclosures, and other investor relations communications to manage litigation risk related to common law climate change claims and other claims
  • Effectively communicating with the Board on ESG issues
  • Creating and implementing a long-term ESG strategy

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