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Stephanie Noble
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Nicholas Nathaniel Shum
Partner — Energy Litigation
James D. Thompson III
Partner — Commercial & Business Litigation
Marie Yeates
Partner — Appellate
I love the collaborative nature of what we do. A day when I can sit down with my colleagues and figure out how to argue the issues for a case is a great day. It's like unlocking a locked chest or a treasure. It’s golden.
Phillip Dye
Senior Partner — International Litigation
A lot of people would describe me as a ‘law lawyer. I really enjoy the tactical aspects of the law. For instance, with the cross-border litigation I’ve been involved in, you often have to look into both countries’ laws, how they differ, how they intersect. I love figuring out the mesh between two different legal systems and how you can use that to help your client. It’s like solving a puzzle.
Matthew Hoffman
Counsel — Commercial & Business Litigation