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David R. Johnson
Partner — Government Contracts, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, and National Security Reviews (CFIUS)
Government contractors and global businesses operate in a complicated landscape. Our team has a rare depth of experience because we've spent years helping a diverse client base with contract disputes, challenges navigating export controls and economic sanctions issues, and matters implicating U.S. national security. We thrive on helping our clients succeed in a challenging environment.
Jeremy C. Marwell
Partner — Appellate
Rick Sofield
Partner — National Security Reviews (CFIUS), Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Jamie Tabb
Partner — Government Contracts
My practice tends to be different every day, from litigating bid protests and contract disputes, to advising on compliance and contract interpretation issues, to assisting with corporate transactions. And because of the range of businesses in which my clients are engaged, it’s a continual learning experience. That’s incredibly energizing.
Hill Wellford
Partner — Antitrust
I work with creative people, risk-takers. When their moonshots succeed, they draw antitrust attention. To counsel and advocate for them, I first have to learn about the ways in which they are changing whole industries – that’s fascinating to me.
Ephraim (Fry) Wernick 4x5
Partner — Government Investigations & White Collar Criminal Defense
My clients know that I am on their team and that their problems are my problems. I take a thoughtful, holistic and strategic approach to problem-solving. Equally important, I fight for my clients every step of the way.
Elizabeth Krabill McIntyre
Counsel — Government Contracts, Export Controls & Economic Sanctions
Alexander Slade
Counsel — International Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
John M. Satira
Associate — Government Contracts, National Security Reviews (CFIUS)