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New Report from Vinson & Elkins Provides Insightful Predictions for FERC's 2024 Electricity Agenda

Vinson & Elkins today has released a comprehensive report that forecasts four areas of focus for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) 2024 electricity agenda: (1) transmission siting; (2) a new return on equity (“ROE”) methodology; (3) significant changes to the interconnection framework set forth in Order No. 2023; and (4) a final rule on regional transmission planning and cost allocation.

Titled Four Key Predictions for FERC’s 2024 Electricity Agenda, the report dives into the critical issues and anticipated regulatory shifts that are likely to shape the energy sector in the coming year and beyond.

“Leveraging our Energy Regulatory team’s deep understanding of FERC issues and involvement in many high-profile regulatory matters, we are pleased to publish a report that offers useful guidance as FERC continues to shape the energy sector and play a key role in the nation’s energy future,” said Bill Scherman, co-head of the Energy Regulatory Practice Group at Vinson & Elkins and the former general counsel of FERC.

Key insights from the report include:

  1. Transmission Siting: FERC is likely to issue a final rule on the siting of electric transmission facilities, which will hopefully accelerate transmission siting
  2. New ROE Methodology and Incentives: FERC is likely to introduce a new Return on Equity (ROE) methodology, coupled with related ROE incentives, which would spur investment in transmission projects
  3. Interconnection Process: FERC is expected to reconsider Order No. 2023, and possibly make significant changes to promote the efficiency of the generator interconnection framework
  4. Regional Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation Order: FERC appears poised in 2024 to issue a final rule on regional transmission planning and cost allocation, potentially causing a dramatic shift in the way the nation’s electric transmission system is planned, constructed, and funded.

For more insights and to read the full report, visit: Power Play: Four Key Predictions for FERC’s 2024 Electricity Agenda.

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